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Uncovering Hidden Trauma

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Uncovering Hidden Trauma Expanding on the themes of the recently published book, Invisible Trauma: Women, Difference and the Criminal Justice System (Motz, Dennis and Aiyegbusi, Routledge: 2020) this conference tackles the urgent and often neglected issues facing women who offend. How can we understand the reasons for their contact with the criminal justice system? Are they criminalized for the colour of their skin or for behavior that is unfeminine? For the expression of justifiable anger? Can the criminal justice system respond their offences in ways that recognize their underlying trauma? And how can psychological understanding enable these women and the systems within which they find themselves?

There is an expectation that women will be nurturers and carers. Women who have been judged violent, destructive and criminal and who are detained in the criminal justice system can find themselves perceived through a distorted lens as unwomanly. The histories of women in the criminal justice system are often overlooked. This conference brings together experts in the field, who address issues of unconscious racism, the repeated marginalization of women in the criminal justice system, and key interventions designed to improve pathways out of offending.

We explain how they become hyper-visible in their difference while the histories of trauma and suffering that are communicated through their offending and other risk behaviour may remains hidden, and unseen. It is essential that we trace the traumatic roots of women’s violence and offending. Powerful intergenerational factors perpetuate the cycles of offending and trauma re-enactment that current sentencing practice overlooks. This conference presents psychological perspectives on the development of violence and other offending, identifying pathways for change to address trauma within the lives of these women and their children, and also to create a responsive, effective and sensitive workforce.

Location London
Category Talking Therapies
Details of Event
Start date 20 May 2020
Venue Address St. Alban’s Centre, London
Amount £165
Organiser Forums and Events
Speaker Anna Motz, Maxine Dennis and Anne Aiyegbusi
Contact No. 020 8144 2944
Keywords Counselling, Psychology, Psychotherapy, Therapy, Trauma
Regions Greater London


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