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Understanding and improving children’s difficult behaviour

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This course gives you practical tools for meeting childrens emotional needs and managing and preventing challenging behaviour...

What you will gain from attending:

A clear understanding of why things can go wrong and what to do about them
New insights into how children feel, think and understand our communication with them which will increase cooperation and improve relationships – you may be surprised at what you find out!
How to de-escalate anger outburts – and prevent them
The importance of children’s innate emotional and psychological needs
How these can be met healthily without alienating the child
A range of tried and tested skills for preventing, as well as managing, difficult behaviour
Healthy and lasting ways to engender self-esteem in children
A better understanding of difficult emotions and effective skills for dealing with them
Practical skills for motivating children to be their best
How to help children both spot and learn from their mistakes, without you pointing them out
Why individual needs are more important than things being ’equal’
Relaxation skills
Typical obstacles that prevent children from learning and progressing – and how to remove them
How to set realistic goals for each child
New language skills for improving outcomes
How to create an environment in which not only the child but the whole family flourishes
The opportunity to discuss with a highly experienced tutor how you would bring all the new skills and knowledge together in a typical case history from your own practice
Tips on how to transfer these new skills to parents and carers, including those considered ’hard-to-reach’
Course notes, CPD Certificate and more...

Location London
Category Talking Therapies
Details of Event
Start date 15 Oct 2019
Start time 9:30am
Venue Address Broadway House, Tothill Street, London, SW1H 9NQ
Amount £192
Organiser Human Givens College
Speaker Jennifer Broadley
CPD activity Workshop
CPD hours 6
Description Human Givens College provides effective psychotherapy training and courses about key mental health problem areas for anyone wishing to help improve the lives of individuals and families, or to help organisations and communities thrive.
Name Mark Thomas
Contact No. 01323 811690
Regions Greater London