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Working with the Dissociative Mind

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In clinical settings, practitioners can often be apprehensive about working with dissociation and its myriad manifestations. This apprehension can be seen even amongst therapists who regularly work with trauma and PTSD. At this engaging and informative online webinar, trauma specialist and dissociation advocate Dr Jamie March helps us demystify the perceived complexity surrounding dissociation; providing us with a practical and sensitive orientation to how the dissociative mind works. 
The webinar starts with an overview of the theory of structural dissociation, as we begin to explore our own dissociative profile and internal system of parts. Jamie then follows an integrative approach, with specific focus on expressive arts and mindfulness-focused strategies to explain how we can work with dissociation – especially in context of grounding skills for stabilisation and the preparation phases of trauma work. We consider practical methods by which we can expand our internal knowledge of conceptualising and healing dissociation within trauma settings. Strategies are provided for translating this knowledge to practice settings and making the best clinical decisions possible, particularly in treatment planning, case conceptualisation and working with extreme emotional stress. 
Through case vignettes and discussions on multiple practical therapeutic strategies, we explore:
  • The true meaning of dissociation and how it manifests in the human experience
  • Ways to become more confident in handling dissociative presentations 
  • Practical skills for grounding and assuring safety
  • Strategies for more effectively understanding the dissociative mind
  • Bridging the gap between the person of therapist and clients who suffer
Location Online
Category Talking Therapies
Details of Event
Start date 09 Oct 2019
Start time 6:00pm
Venue Address Online
Amount £60
Organiser Nscience
Speaker Dr Jamie Marich
CPD activity Online Training
CPD hours 3
Contact No. 020 7096 1722
Keywords Psychological, Psychology, Psychotherapy, Therapeutic, Therapy, training, Trauma, webinar
Regions Online, Online (UK wide)