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Working with Trauma in the Counselling Room

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Do you ever wonder why some clients get stuck more, seem less able to retain information and try out changes than others?Do you ever feel like you are “missing something” when working with a client?

Do you ever get overwhelmed with feelings when working with a particular client?

These MAY be indicators that you are working with trauma.

In this training day we will explore

  • What is trauma
  • Ways to recognise trauma
  • Different ways to work with trauma
  • Resources we can share with clients
  • Some information on attachment and dissociation can impact counselling clients who have experienced trauma.


Location Bristol
Category Talking Therapies
Details of Event
Start date 30 Mar 2019
Start time 9:30am
Venue Address The Oak Room, Network Counselling & Training , Elm Park, Filton, Bristol BS34 8PS
Amount £80
Organiser Network Counselling & Training
Speaker Tanya Orr
Contact No. 0117 950 7271
Keywords Psychotherapy, Therapy, Trauma
Regions South West