Private practice insurance

As a private practitioner, you could need up to five different types of insurance cover.

Professional liability insurance

This covers you against clinical negligence claims and is vital for every private practitioner.

Medical organisations such as The MDU offer support and insurance for practitioners, while some insurance brokers offer policies tailored to specific types of practitioners, such as psychologists, psychotherapists or chiropodists.

Other specialist insurers include Balens (their policy also includes public liability insurance), the Howden Group and Towergate Insurance.

Public liability insurance

If members of the public visit you at your private practice, whether you have an office or work from home, you will need public liability insurance. If you are self-employed, you are not required to have this by law, but it is highly recommended.

Employers’ liability insurance

This will protect your staff if you are an employer. It’s a legal requirement for many businesses, but not all. You can find out more by reading Health and Safety guidance about the Employers’ Liability Act.

General premises insurance

If you rent an office or consulting rooms, or if you own a separate office, you should take out premises insurance. Make sure you check with your landlord first (if you rent) to find out if you’re responsible for the insurance. Most contracts will cover the premises for fire or lightning damage, explosion or rioting, malicious damage, and natural disasters such as flooding or storms

Contents insurance

Premises insurance generally only covers the building, not its contents. So, you will need separate contents insurance.

Do you work from home? Your standard domestic contents insurance may not cover your home office, and may even be deemed invalid if clients visit your home. You may need a specialist insurance policy - in the first instance, check this with your current home insurance provider.

Take action

  • if you belong to a professional organisation or association, start by asking them for advice
  • a good insurance broker will be able to advise you on the different types of insurance that you need. Visit the British Insurers’ Brokers Association to find a broker near you
  • if you do choose to deal directly with an insurer, make sure they’re a member of the Association of British Insurers
  • protect yourself against clinical negligence claims by keeping good records of every client - records are critical if you have any concerns at all about risk
  • set out your terms and conditions clearly when dealing with clients


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