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Private Practice Hub Membership Benefits

There are many benefits to becoming a member of Private Practice Hub. We wanted to highlight some of the key benefits for you so you can see why you should join us. The top 6 benefits are:

1. It’s Completely Free
No more explanation needed here… Read on to see what you get, completely FREE!

2. Member Discounts You can access to special discount codes on products and services from selected partners. These discounts can help you to keep your private practice costs down and introduce you to products and services that are relevant to you and can help you to be more efficient.

3. Resources
The opportunity to use member only resources to help you move your business to the next level. Private Practice Hub gives you access to therapy specific documentation to help take some of the stress out of running your therapy practice. These include, Terms and Conditions for referrers, job descriptions for clinical or administration staff, lone working protocols and much, much more.

4. Product Reviews
Private Practice Hub membership gives you access to product reviews and reviews of relevant services that can help you in your business. These include web designers, software reviews, HR help and information, such as writing person specs and accounting options for you to consider. You’ll also have access to spreadsheets that you can use and keep to track your income and expenditure each month, and help you to produce your accounts each year.

5. Events Listings
Do you run training sessions or events? If so, you can add them to our Events Database so other people can find them. You can also access hundreds of other events that could be of interest to you and your practice.

6. Therapy Rooms
If you need a therapy room to rent for your practice or if you have a space to rent to other practitioners, you can use our Therapy Rooms listing. This is the best place to find the therapy space you need. There’s the ability to search by town and the listings provide the cost and contact details for the room, so whether you’re looking to rent space or let it, this should be your starting point.

These 6 great benefits to joining Private Practice Hub can really help you and your business to grow. With help and support for your Private Practice, completely free of charge, why wouldn’t you join today?

Sign up here now to start making the most of Private Practice Hub and your business.