Your private practice support network

Going into private practice can be a lonely business. Don’t go it alone - make sure you put some effort into building and maintaining a good support network.

A support network will help you...

  • stay in contact with other private practitioners
  • share knowledge and experience
  • seek advice and encouragement
  • get professional updates
  • receive and give referrals
  • build useful business relationships

Without a support network, you could suffer from stress or burnout. You might start to make mistakes, or miss out on useful advice.

Where to find your support network

1. The most important member of your support network will be your clinical supervisor. This could be a respected colleague, your old boss, or someone you have admired and who has agreed to act as your mentor. Normally they will have had some form of training in supervision.

Your clinical supervisor will help you make sure that your training and skills are up to date, and will discuss your caseload with you, providing useful feedback and advice. Some practitioners, for example members of BACP, are required to have a set amount of clinical supervision each month.

If a clinical supervisor is not available, consider a peer supervision group or a peer support group. Other people in your field will be experiencing the same problem. Invite them to join you once every other month or so. It is a good way to develop your network, too.

2. You’ll be able to make new contacts at networking events. Some may be organised by a professional organisation, and will be attended by other practitioners like yourself. Others will be more general, where you’ll meet fellow entrepreneurs and businesspeople.

3. Many professional organisations have discussion forums, where you can ask questions about all areas of private practice (keeping confidentiality in mind) and share expertise.

4. Here! This site is dedicated to giving you advice and support on a wide range of issues around private practice and running a business.

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