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Below is a list of all our regular newsletters, which we send out once a month, plus our occasional one-off emails regarding special offers.  Please click on any of the links below to view them.  

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September Newsletter - sent 7th September 2018 - view here

August Newsletter - sent 2nd August 2018 - view here

July Newsletter - sent 4th July 2018 - view here

June Newsletter - sent 7th June 2018 - view here

May Newsletter - sent 3rd May 2018 - view here

April Newsletter - sent 11th April 2018 - view here

March Newsletter - sent 8th March 2018 - view here

February Newsletter - sent 8th February 2018 - view here

January Newsletter - sent 11th January 2018 - view here

December Newsletter - sent 8th December 2017 - view here

November Newsletter - sent 3rd November 2017 - view here

October Newsletter - sent 6th October 2017 - view here

September Newsletter - sent 16th September 2017 - view here

August Newsletter - sent 10th August 2017 - view here

July Newsletter - sent 2nd July 2017 - view here

June Newsletter - sent 4th June 2017 - view here

May Newsletter - sent 7th May 2017 - view here

April Newsletter - sent 2nd April 2017 - view here

March Newsletter - sent 5th March 2017 - view here

February Newsletter - sent 7th February 2017 - view here

January Newsletter - sent 9th January 2017 - view here

December Newsletter - sent 4th December 2016 - view here

October Newsletter - sent 23rd October 2016 - view here

August Newsletter: sent 30th August 2016 - View here

June Newsletter: sent 28th June 2016 - View here

May newsletter: sent 13th May 2016 - View here

April newsletter: what’s new: sent 1st April 2016 - View here

February newsletter: what’s new: sent 19th Feb 2016 - View here

December newsletter: what’s new: sent 8th December 2015 - View here

November newsletter: what’s new: sent 4th November 2015 - View here

October newsletter: what’s new: sent 5th October 2015 - View here

September newsletter: what’s new: sent 21th September 2015 - View here

July newsletter: what’s new: sent July 2015 - View here

June newsletter: what’s new: sent June 2015 - View here

May newsletter: what’s new: sent May 2015 - View here

April newsletter: what’s new: sent 17th April 2015 - View here

March newsletter: what’s new: Sent 17th March 2015 - View here

February newsletter: what’s new: Sent 16th February 2015 - View here

January newsletter: what’s new: Sent 12th January 2015 - View here

December newsletter: what’s new: Sent 9th December 2014 - View here

November newsletter: what’s new: Sent 10th November 2014 - View here

October newsletter: what’s new: Sent 10th October 2014 - View here

Introducing Click: Sent 9th September 2014 - View here

An offer on Sage One accounts that is too good to miss: Sent 13th August 2014 - View here

A local business recommendation for Bristol and thereabouts: Sent 26th August 2014  - View here

The business of therapy can be a lonely place: Sent 6th August 2014 - View here

How to get more clients: Sent 29th May 2014 - View here

Private practice software – your questions answered: Sent 10th April 2014 - View here

Insurance review for private practitioners: Sent 28th January 2014 - View here

Have you visited the Hub: Sent 12th November 2013 - View here

Be Sure your Audience Knows About your CPD Events: Sent 9th October 2013 - View here

Identify, Schedule and Record your CPD Activity at the Click of a Mouse: Sent 9th October 2013 - View here

Introducing The Private Practice Hub: Sent 12th September 2013 - View here


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