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Fruit Street Review

20 June 2017    Carole Francis-Smith

These reviews were conducted on therapist usability basis, and are not a definitive guide. They are intended to provide helpful information for therapists looking for an online platform.

Description: Fruit Street is described as a telemedicine software product available on most devices and software platforms. They provide secure video communications (Vsee is the developer of Fruit Street) and a payment system (via Stripe) through the application. There is facility to monitor patients’ health, diet and lifestyle data by linking medical and wearable devices (such as fitbit).

There are other facilities such as medical questionnaires and note taking/ viewing. For cost implications see below. Fruit Street is generally available on most Windows, Android and IOS devices (see their website for exceptions).

Setting up: The set-up procedure for therapists requires that they log in and add profile information. If you are signing up for the 14-day free trial, a credit card is required to prevent fraud and misuse. There is a facility to sign up to Stripe with your account details, but you do not have to use this payment software. The Dashboard will display any walk-in clients that are currently waiting or scheduled, ‘Patients’ has a list of signed up and invited patients (including all patient data), ‘Calendar’ allows you to show your availability, while ‘Visits’ shows upcoming and previous encounters. As a therapist, you can create a questionnaire for prospective clients with up to 25 questions and keep notes with the client’s profile.

Fruit Street also allow for you to tailor their facility to your own brand, which means you can use a button to direct clients to sign up to your practice. Otherwise you can invite clients and ask them to pick a time from your calendar availability.

Client experience: Following their making payment at either a scheduled appointment time or a ‘walk in’ clinic session, clients connect via a link in an email (please see Vsee review) or a button. They are asked to complete a registration form and provide some medical history on a questionnaire (there is also room for looking at goals and a health-tracker), before being connected with the therapist.

Ongoing use: When connected, we were able to use the same features that are useful on Vsee, such as screen sharing and chat. With ongoing work, I imagine it might be useful to have a progress record (if you work this way).

Security: Fruit Street’s servers are in the US and it is HIPAA compliant. To read more about how they attend to privacy and security please take a look at their website.

Cost/ Payments: There is a free 14-day trial then the ongoing cost is $300 per month – highly discounted to $99 per month for Private Practice Hub members. Fruit Street charge a flat fee for use of their system and you set your own client charges which can be collected via Stripe or your preferred payment system.


  • Fruit Street only take a flat fee monthly and you can work with as many clients as you like during this period. The fee is currently highly discounted for Private Practice Hub members.
  • You can set your own professional fee for clients.
  • The payment company Stripe can be used for transactions and taken prior to a session commencing.
  • It is HIPAA compliant – if this is something you are looking for.
  • There is facility to change the 25 questions on the questionnaire to suit your practice.
  •  There is flexibility to brand your portal with a practice logo.
  • You can request a demo and there is a chat facility for support.


  • For private practitioners running a small practice the cost may be prohibitive (despite the discount).
  • For now, the platform is only supported by Chrome and Firefox – Linux is not currently supported.
  • The webcam platform is only as good as Vsee provide, and this can be variable. Although these platforms are being improved all the time after customer feedback.
  • Encountering the registration and questionnaire might be a bit off-putting to a new client (probably best to explain it first if using), but it can be deactivated and the questionnaire is optional.
  • The name Fruit Street has meaning in the US but this is not understood in the UK. I worry it might make it sound a bit frivolous even though it is a well thought out platform for professionals?

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