A little while back we introduced you to the important game-changing technology that is CatchEye.

If you missed it, CatchEye is a revolutionary new tool that enables eye contact in video calls – even better, it’s a plugin that requires no special hardware and allows you to use whichever software you prefer (Skype, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger etc.) for more effective and natural online sessions with clients.

Here at Private Practice Hub, we believe this technology is the missing link that will enable therapists of all types to offer online therapy, and so we are delighted to announce the first release is now available to download.

Visit their website to download the first release for free here https://catch-eye.com/download-lite/

Once you’ve installed the plugin, this unique technology will access the image captured by your webcam and correct it to redirect the gaze so the person you are talking with sees your eyes looking directly at theirs. Other features include enhanced colour correction, auto-zoom and background blurring to minimise distractions.