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Meemee.tv review

25 July 2016    Dr Carole Francis-Smith

Review by Dr Carole Francis-Smith, a BPS chartered and HCPC registered counselling psychologist, currently working in private practice

Description: Meemee.tv is a free platform that allows for broadcast, watching and participation in live interactive video communications. It has live streaming and a video-sharing platform. It also enables face-to-face engagement either one-to-one or with an unlimited audience, with up to 5 screens/presenters allowed on the video stage at one time.

They offer the free set up of an online TV channel (through which the communications happen), which can be broadcast via laptop or pc. Broadcasting your own TV channel could be useful for many things, such as providing free events or talks, and selling your training or workshops.

Setting up: The platform asks for login details and for you to create a profile. This enables creation of a TV channel that you control and can stream when you choose via your dashboard. There is facility to create and design the channel (brand it if you like) and the TV channel acts like a hub for all content (such as uploading videos, articles, live streaming and instant message). Meemee.TV recommend Chrome or Firefox when using the software.

User experience: It was a little bit confusing working out what was going on during the set up, and I wasn’t sure I’d completed it properly in the first instance. However, there is a live chat facility, which, although not 24 hour, is usually available and very useful if you are not familiar with the tech. They also have demonstrations which can help if you are feeling a bit lost. At the moment the creator books a time/day/date to start the broadcast/ communication, but in the future I understand Meemee.TV are looking to set up spontaneous chat. There is an IM facility that can be used during the broadcast, in case you don’t want to come up the stage (so to speak).

Every time I’ve experienced using the platform the video and sound has been very stable, even though it relies on good Internet connection (which unfortunately I don’t always have – thanks provider!!!). Everything is recorded and automatically archived in your hub (which is your channel – it took me some time to understand how things worked).

Features: Meemee.TV has many useful features, such as the facility to choose your template of up to 6 screens - so you could be talking in one, showing powerpoint slides in another and have a logo/article in another, for example (although you need extra software for some of this) - or even have a debate! You can run the events privately (only invited persons) or publicly (anyone can attend) and if attendees have a log in you can invite that person on to the stage. The TV channel creator has control over all aspects, so if you need to take someone off stage you can (-;

Although it is marketed towards streaming events etc. it can also be used one-to-one by therapists for free, with clients being sent an email link to join (no download). If you are using this as a therapist you need to be aware that everything gets recorded and that you can delete content after the event, for security.

Security: Meemee.TV are a US site and have an extended privacy and security policy that you can access via https://meemee.tv/legal/privacy. Their servers are based in the EU, which complies with current ICO regulations.   

Cost/Payments: It is completely free to set up, host and view a channel on the platform. There is also no upgrade charge for additional features and customisation, if you wish to utilise them.

Meemee.TV allows for a host to charge to view/attend an event/training (or series of workshops). The host sets their own fee and Meemee.TV take a 20% charge via their payment platform. If you pay for an event but cannot attend there is a catch-up viewing facility.


- The Meemee.TV platform can be used for free by therapists and those wishing to stream free pre-recorded and live events

- You can brand the TV channel to suit your needs

- There are help facilities via a live chat (not 24 hour) and email system

- I have experienced stable video and sound when using

- There is an array of different templates to broadcast your event that should fit any need

- The creators of Meemee.TV are ever evolving the product and are very interested in feedback in order to improve it.


- It can be a little confusing negotiating the system when setting up your TV channel, although there is a good help facility. To be fair I’m sure my lack of understanding and tech anxiety played a part

- With content automatically recorded you might need to be aware of how to delete it afterwards, to be secure. Although Meemee.TV says the site is very secure and suggests that perhaps clients might want to view their session afterwards

- If offering low cost training the 20% Meemee.TV fee might seem a little high

Since writing this review the PPH have set up their TV channel and have added some very helpful documents which makes it easier to see how to do things: http://meemee.tv/channel/private_practice_hub

The Private Practice Hub goal is to become the place for all therapy based events. It has the database of events to add to the TV channel and the Private Practice Hub has been talking to various event providers about putting all their training through the site. It has all the resources now at hand in one spot!