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Should you Google your therapist?

15 February 2017    Kate Dunn

This is a question that many people wouldn’t think twice about in 2017.  We search for information about other professionals in this way, so why not therapists? It is interesting to reflect on the fact that finding this idea unexpected or uncomfortable is a phenomenon that feels increasingly outdated and indeed many, but not all therapists may agree.

Therapist Louise Chunn explored this question recently in an article published in the Guardian, and Chair of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) Martin Pollecoff reflects ruefully on the possible loss of privacy around such things as youthful dating indiscretions or even simply the sale of personal items that accompanies a world of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc. Chunn also challenges therapists to explore the question of whether or not they should Google their clients, to which the answer might, at first, seem more obvious. However, can therapists honestly say that they have never done this, and if they concede that they may have made exceptions, what might have justified such action?  Some examples are offered.

Increasingly, the technological age in which we live challenges our (perhaps complacent?) sense that we therapists know where we should draw the line.  You can read the article here.

It would be interesting to know how Online Therapy Hub readers respond to this, both ‘instantly’ and ‘on reflection’. What do you think?

Kate Dunn