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The importance of video for online therapy

20 June 2017    Geoff Simons

Do you have enough clients for your online therapy practice?

It’s no secret that some people are still sceptical about online therapy. Many mental health professionals believe that it cannot offer the same quality of treatment that face-to-face therapy offers. This view has been widely disputed with numerous others arguing that online therapy is a useful accompaniment or even an appropriate replacement for face-to-face sessions.

But regardless of what professionals believe, potential clients have other concerns.

If a client is unable to meet with you in person, how can she be sure that you are the right therapist for her? Whilst a website is essential for your business, blocks of text and still photographs cannot convey your warmth and personality, the tone of your voice, the human qualities that will endear you to potential clients. Those seeking online therapy could be hesitant making an enquiry altogether when faced with your static website alone.

So, what can you do about this?

To combat this problem, some smart online therapists have started using video on their websites. A simple clip lasting only a few minutes enables potential clients to get to know you and decide if you are suitable for their needs. You don’t have to put on an Oscar-worthy performance, either. Act in the video just as you would act in a session with a client, so that they can get a real idea of what to expect from you. The more relaxed and natural you appear the better. This will engender a trusting relationship between you two and encourage them to book a session.

Having an idea of who you are is especially important for clients who may only communicate with you via text or email, rather than video-conferencing or face-to-face appointments. Instead of simply being a name on a screen, you will come to life in their eyes, becoming someone they feel they can talk to. As a therapist, you already know how important this is for the wellbeing of your clients.

Clearly, videoing can be beneficial to both you and those seeking your services. If, however, you need any more convincing of its virtues, take a look at this blog by Anne-Marie Rose, a Complementary Therapist based in Bath. We also blogged recently about the benefits of video as a marketing tool for your website.

Don’t forget, there’s a filming day coming up in Bath on Tuesday 11th July for therapists in need of a professional, but affordable video for their website. You can find out more and book here, or let us know which city you’d like us to visit next.