I would like to offer online therapy in my practice and wonder how I should work out what to charge my clients for this, and how they will pay me.  Should I charge less for this kind of work?

Have you thought about what kind of therapy you will be offering?  Will you be using text or video/audio links?  Which software have you considered using to provide a secure and confidential link with your clients and what ongoing costs will this involve for you?  Are you aware of the data protection laws and what you may need to put in place to ensure you comply with these?  How will you assess a client’s suitability to work in this way?

Again, there are many, many more questions to ask yourself before setting up an online practice and it could be most helpful to consider undergoing some form of training for this.  (See our training page).  For further information you may also find it helpful to look at the resources offered on the website.