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About the Online Therapy Hub contributors

All the resources and content on the Online Therapy Hub, including independent reviews, Q&A’s and blogs, are written by a team of experienced practitioners who have direct experience with the research, consultancy, training and professional publication side of online therapy.

If you would like to contribute your experience and knowledge, please ensure that you are a member of the Private Practice Hub before contacting us. We can help you reach a wider audience.

Philippa Weitz

Philippa Weitz has been specialising in online counselling and psychotherapy for a number of years now and collaborates with practitioners and researchers nationally and internationally. She has particular interests in both the success of the online therapeutic relationship, and security, confidentiality and jurisdiction. She provides training and consultancy around working therapeutically and safely online to both independent practitioners and organisationally, and advises organisations wishing to set up or review their online services.

She is author of “Psychotherapy 2.0: Where Psychotherapy and Technology Meet”, Philippa Weitz (ed), 2014, UKCP Book Series published by Karnac Books. She is the Training Director at PWTAC@DEMY - Training and CPD for Online Counselling & Psychotherapy, and Standards and Ethics Officer for ACTO.

Kate Dunn

Kate Dunn is a BACP Senior Accredited Counsellor currently working as an independent counsellor, supervisor and consultant, engaging with clients both face-to-face and online.  She has worked as a therapist in education and healthcare settings for many years, having studied Psychotherapeutic Counselling at postgraduate level at the Universities of Sussex and Brighton. 

In 2008, having undergone dedicated training to prepare for working online with clients,  she set up an Online Counselling Service at the University of Portsmouth.  She has undertaken qualitative research, supported by BACP funding, into the nature and quality of the online therapeutic relationship which has been published in a number of books and journals, including Counselling and Psychotherapy Research and "Psychotherapy 2.0: Where Psychotherapy and Technology Meet" Edited by Philippa Weitz, (Karnac Books, 2014). She is author of: Dunn, K (2012) A qualitative investigation into the online counselling relationship: To meet or not to meet Counselling and Psychotherapy Research 12 (4) pp 316 -32

For more information on Kate Dunn please visit her website: www.katedunncounselling.co.uk

Carole Francis-Smith

Dr Carole Francis-Smith is a BPS chartered and HCPC registered counselling psychologist, currently working in private practice. Carole provides therapy both in-person and online from her base near Bristol, and also offers training in mental health issues to organisations. Having undertaken doctoral research into ‘Email therapy and the therapeutic relationship’ Carole has developed a special interest in the process of online communications, and  is committed to the promotion of safe online practice. With this in mind, Carole also offers training for new therapists contemplating online working, bespoke training to complement core therapy trainings, and also for businesses to improve communication networks. 

Please feel free to contact her by email (enquiries@carolefrancissmith.co.uk), visit her website and read a guest blog she wrote called ‘Therapy through the looking glass; implications for training and beyond…’ on aspects of her research, published on the Online Therapy Institute website.

Geoff Simons

Geoff Simons is the founder of the The Private Practice Hub and has worked, as a consultant with a thriving psychotherapy practice for over six years. Consequently, he understands the stresses and strains of running your own business. He also knows what is needed to build a successful private practice, what mistakes practitioners often make and how to avoid them.

All of this hands-on business experience has gone into the Private Practice Hub, which is the parent site of the Online Therapy Hub.