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Practice Management Software

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Practice Management Software

For many of us, running a business requires us to use a number of different pieces of software. Examples include:

  • a database to hold client records
  • Excel to keep track of accounts - or an accounting package such as Sage
  • Word for client correspondence
  • the Outlook calendar to monitor appointments (or even an old-fashioned paper calendar)


These software packages all help us to run a practice - but, they rarely tie up with each other. For example, you may have to open your database and find a client’s address, then manually type it onto an invoice. Or you may need to rummage through filing cabinets to look up a client’s payment history. All of these five minutes here and there can add up to hours each week spent on admin.

That’s where practice management software can help. 


What does it do?

Practice management software is specifically designed to handle as many aspects of your therapy business as possible. Features can include a client database, a system to manage appointments, invoicing, clinical notes and even marketing tools. 

Its overall purpose is to keep your business running smoothly, so that you spend less time on admin and more time seeing clients.


The benefits of practice management software

Perhaps you’re already using a client database, and maybe some accounts software. So, why should you choose practice management software instead? Here are the key benefits for your business:

  • Each feature ties in with the other, saving you time and hassle. For example, when you look at a client’s record, you can instantly see their history such as their appointments, billing and payments.
  • It eliminates the need for multiple pieces of software, saving you money.
  • If you choose a cloud-based system, where all of the software and information is stored (securely) on the internet, you can log in from any computer, tablet, or mobile phone. So, if you are away from the office, in a meeting, or at your home office, you can still carry out essential work and have access to all of your business information.
  • With a practice management system, you can achieve a paperless office. No more mountains of filing and paperwork to sort through. 


Is practice management software expensive?

The answer to this depends on a variety of factors, such as which features are included, the size of your practice, and which manufacturer you choose. However, the best contenders are great value for money and, in our opinion, well worth the cost.


Which package should you choose?

There are a number of different packages available, for all sizes of practice. If you’d like an overview of the most popular on the market, read our reviews