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Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling is an online appointment scheduling software. Clients schedule appointments, pay, and complete intake forms online 24/7.

Anne-Marie Rose, our Project Manager at Private Practice Hub, reviewed Acuity Scheduling for us, as she uses it in her own Private Practice.

Cost: I initially did a free trial to try out the software, having trialled various other providers. I was so impressed that I upgraded to the paid subscription after two weeks, however there is the option to keep the account as free forever with limited functionality.

I pay monthly to use Acuity, although there is the option to pay annually and get a free month. There is also an affiliate link where if you get other people to sign up, you receive money. The monthly subscription can be cancelled at any time should the need arise.

Acuity is very easy to set up.  I worked through the Business Settings, adding in my regular availability to the calendar, and blocking off days as necessary. As this calendar syncs with my own gmail calendar, anything I add to either calendar appears in my diary, with no concerns about double booking (and if you over ride this option you do get a warning from Acuity!).  It is easy to block off holidays as required.

Next I added in my appointment types that I offer. Acuity also give the option to add in a buffer time between appointments.  There is the option to customise the confirmation message that the client receives once the appointment has been scheduled.  

Linked to all appointments is an Intake Questionnaire that allows you to get medical history or background on the client before they turn up for their session. This can be customised to suit your business and is a really useful tool.

Packages & Gift Certificates - this is useful for having an “online shop” and gift vouchers can be purchased online and printed out immediately, and the date of expiry is automatically set as required.

For all appointments, It is also possible to advise if payment is to be taken in advance or optional and on the day of the appointment.  

Clients easily schedule their sessions, this can be done 24/7 and they can also amend their bookings as necessary.  On the initial booking, the client receives a confirmation by email, they receive a session reminder 24 hours before their appointment and also a follow up email the day after their session with after care advice and any other information as decided. All of these options can be customised accordingly.

I think that Acuity Scheduling is excellent value for money, it is an easy to use online booking system, very comprehensive, works well for both the client and also the business owner and comes highly recommended.


Ease Of Use *****

Value For Money *****

Customer Support *****