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Bacpac client management software

Bacpac is a client management system that has been designed specifically to meet the needs of counsellors and psychological therapists. This simple and streamlined system is web-based so you can run your Practice from anywhere with internet access, via your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. bacpac’s main strength is in helping therapists to keep very efficient client records and run appointments smoothly but it also includes some basic financial management tools.

When you first log in to bacpac, the nifty set-up wizard guides you through the first steps of entering your Practice details and other essential information. Once you’re done, you enter the main screen, which is a lovely minimalist dashboard design that is intuitive and easy to navigate. For example, you can choose to search for a client, view your calendar, and see your active caseload, waiting list or self-referrals. The Quick Search and Add New Client button allows you to access this essential feature in seconds without needing to navigate menus to reach the relevant different page.


Entering client details is easy and there is a useful range of data entry options aside from the usual personal information and GP surgery. These include the ability to add a Skype username, select the preferred contact method, record a NHS number and list next of kin contact details. There is also a box where you can add extra information about a client’s history.


Once a client is active on the system, you can book them an appointment on your calendar. This is very easy – a click and book job – and if someone needs to move an appointment, all you need to do is drag and drop it to a different time slot. Bacpac’s calendar can be linked to iCal, Google calendar and other calendar applications for ease of accessibility, which is handy. There is also the useful option to email appointment reminders to clients the day before their appointment to reduce DNA rates, if a client would benefit from this prompt.


The comprehensive client records in bacpac are excellent, allowing you to keep detailed information about every client you see. When you start seeing a client (or see them for a second course of therapy), you can open a new case. If you are currently full, you can select a tick box at this point to add them to your waiting list, which is very convenient. Case information is suitably detailed, allowing you to enter the referral source, the presenting problem, the type of therapy that the client has been referred for, your session charge and the number of sessions authorized. You can also add any referral IDs and referral notes. This allows you to keep track of all aspects of your client’s therapy, third party details and ensure you have any information to hand as soon as you need it.


Once a case is opened, bacpac gives you the option to do a number of things with your client record: contacts are automatically logged when an appointment has been completed, you can upload documents (e.g. GP letter or invoices) and add freehand clinical and non-clinical notes. All entries are stamped with the time, date and author for added security. Bacpac is also fully conversant with outcome measures, such as the PHQ-9 and GAD. When you add more than one set of scores for these to your client record, bacpac will show these on a graph. This visual record is an effective way of tracking your client’s progress over time.


Bacpac is not a full financial management system but does have some basic financial features.  You can set your session fee, log a client’s payment (the date, payment method and amount) and set your target income to monitor your progress. Again, your income is shown on a colourful graph so you can easily see your current financial situation. Bacpac’s financial abilities are not as developed as some practice management programmes so you will currently need a separate system to stay on top of your finances. However, bacpac say that they are currently developing billing and invoicing features to add to the system in the future.


On an administrative level, bacpac allows you to customise any templates, such as appointment reminders, and you can also upload your company logo for use in system emails. You can’t currently do your letter and report writing from within bacpac, which is a downside of the system, although this in under development. A nice feature of bacpac for private practitioners is that it integrates with a self-referral form for clients. You can place the link on your website and it allows new and existing clients to self-refer via bacpac so you can pick up the referral information when you log in. 


Security is very important and bacpac is used and approved by the NHS and other agencies. Your data is encrypted and backed-up daily and every time you log in, you are emailed a one-session security token which you need to input before you can access your account, adding an extra level of protection. In addition, if you decide to leave, you can download your data at any time you choose.


Bacpac also offers a Living Will section, providing a useful solution to an important ethical requirement. It ensures that, if something happened to you, your clients could be notified, without compromising their confidentiality. You simply enter a passphrase as well as the name and contact details of a trusted colleague. If required, your designee can call the bacpac team, confirm your details and passphrase, and will receive client contact details.

If you need any technical support, you can access this by telephone (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm), email, reading the FAQ section or viewing the handy how-to video guides. All support is included in the cost of your package. Bacpac also run regular webinars if you want a guided tour of the programme and the chance to ask any questions. 


Bacpac is a useful client management system for counsellors and psychological therapists who want to run the essentials of their Practice from one programme. Being in the cloud means it’s accessible wherever you’re working and from a range of devices, which makes it versatile and portable. Whilst it’s not currently the most sophisticated practice management system on the market, as long as you’re not aiming to produce detailed annual reports or want comprehensive financial and correspondence features then bacpac is more than sufficient for the average sole practitioner running a simple, small private practice. Also, bacpac is promising to introduce more exciting features, such as billing, invoicing and letter writing, to the system as it evolves.


If you’re a therapist who wants to keep detailed client records and do some simple admin tasks, then bacpac could be the perfect system for you. The system is simple, intuitive to use and has a range of useful features and little details that make running your Practice so much easier. And with a free 30 day trial, it’s definitely worth signing up and giving it a go. 


Free trial: 30 day free trial.


Cost (as of January 2019): bacpac costs £18 per month. Annual subscriptions are £180. All prices exclude VAT.