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Click is a comprehensive and cost-effective practice management system which will make running your private practice a breeze. This all-in-one package, marketed as “a diary with integrated patient records, billing, reports and letters”, offers you a complete solution to your administrative needs. As a web-based practice management system, it is designed to run on your computer, tablet or smartphone, so as long as you’ve got internet access then you can work from anywhere in the world!

Click is also the first practice management package to come complete with a super-handy (and free) CPD module, allowing you to plan and track your CPD with 100% efficiency. 

Free trial: There is a one month free trial of all features, and the CPD module is free for life. 

Cost: There are three paid-for packages - £9.99 (starter), £19.99 (standard) or £34.99 (premium) per month depending on your needs and clinic size. There is no upfront cost and only 30 days’ notice is needed if you decide to leave.

First impressions of Click are positive. Its bold and colorful interface with large, easy-to-read text helps you to quickly navigate to your chosen task. On the Home screen, you can see your appointments for that day or the next day, search for clients and other contacts, see how many appointments you have pending, view how much you are owed, see a bar chart of your weekly income and look at your CPD progress. Tabs along the top take you straight to the following sections: Contacts, Diary, Finances, CPD and Reports.

One thing you instantly notice about Click is how intuitive it is to use so you’ll be soon be happily navigating solo through each section. In addition, when you initially log in, a pop up box gives you a mini tour of each section. There’s also a comprehensive knowledge base and free email support in case you do need further help.

The first thing Click asks you to do after you’ve registered is to enter your clinic details. You can then go to the settings icon to customise your details further, such as adding extra clinic locations, putting your availability in the diary, setting your fees for each treatment type and entering stock items. Your next step is to add your clients’ details and you’re up and running.

Client records:

Creating client records is simple. Just go to the Contacts’ section, click on New Client and start entering their details. The great thing about Click is that it’s fully compatible with practitioners who need third party billing facilities. You can add the treatment authorisations to the client’s record, including any billing codes you need to quote on your invoice. Simply add how many treatment sessions have been authorised then when appointments are booked and completed, a countdown will show you how many sessions are remaining. This is a great way to monitor a client’s treatment progress.

There’s also the option to record some basic monitoring information, such as the client’s ethnicity, occupation and enquiry source. You can customise the enquiry source in the Settings section. This allows you to keep track of your business advertising and plan your marketing strategies. The Alerts feature enables you to record any essential client information which will be visible every time you access the client record, such as “Mrs Smith has a severe peanut allergy” or “Mr Bloggs has overdue invoices.”

The client record is a very comprehensive database. It allows you to see a list of the client’s booked appointments and the status and type of each one. It also allows you to view the client’s account so you can view their invoices and payments. This helps you to keep track of non-payments.

Letters and reports:

You can also do the client’s admin from within the record, such as upload documents (for example, medical reports you’ve been sent) and create letters, either using the wide range of templates provided or customising your own. Letters are created in Click’s built-in word processor, which merges standard information into the template (such as the client’s address) and then gives you space to type your own text. Click has a superior word processor to most of its rivals, allowing you to format your text in a variety of ways –font effects, creating numbered lists, indenting text, creating tables, inserting images, changing the colour of text and background, and more! You can save and print your letters directly from the programme. Saved documents are kept safe in the client record so you can view them at any time from anywhere.

The diary:

The hub of Click lies in its diary, which seamlessly integrates with all the other features of the package. To make an appointment, simply choose your timeslot, click on it and enter the client’s surname into the search box (this can be a partial search so no need to worry about exact spellings). You can select the treatment type and who pays for the treatment. If you want to enter an event instead, like a meeting, you can use the Events tab for this.

A very handy feature is the Privacy mode so if a client can see your screen when you’re booking their appointment, you can click this button to make the other clients’ names disappear. This is great for preserving confidentiality.

Once the appointment is booked, you can click on the appointment in the diary to view its details in a pop-up box. From here, you can also send out appointment reminders by email or SMS (fee applies for text messages), using Click’s customisable templates. Appointment options on the right hand side of the pop-up box allow you to mark the client as Arrived, Complete, Cancel or DNA.  When you click either Complete or DNA, this gives you a number of Quick Pay options: Pay Later (invoice now), Do not Bill, Go to Invoice and Do More, or mark as paid by cash, card or cheque (you can also enter the cheque number here). Click gives you peace of mind that every client’s invoice and billing is accurate and well-recorded.

Pronto for referrals:

Click describes Pronto as a ′first for the industry′, transforming how referral appointments are made. Referrers can link directly with you in real time, placing automatic appointments in your diary. Find out more here: Pronto comes as standard although there is a charge of £1 per booking.


The Finances section of Click is great for anyone who’s ever struggled to keep on top of their transactions. From here, you can see all your financial affairs at a glance. Finances gives you the ability to invoice clients and third parties (invoices can be printed or sent directly by email from within the programme), see a list of invoices and their payment status, record payments (via cash, cheque, card or bank transfer), list payments received, and keep a record of your expenses. At the end of your accounting year, you can choose to close off your accounts and you can also export them at any time, which is in the format of a CSV file, for your accountant. 

Whilst it is relatively easy to generate invoices for private patients and single sessions, it does take a while to work out how to navigate around Click’s Finances section. Also, it doesn’t have the facility for you to bulk bill for a number of sessions without adding each charge manually so if you want to bill monthly or at the end of treatment, you’d have to print off a separate invoice for each session. Given that the rest of Click is so simple to use and ticks all the boxes for a practice management software package, this is a disappointment. However, it is still a good resource for simple billing and recording payments and outgoings all in one place.


Click also helps you to be the manager of your Practice too, with its useful reports section. You can generate reports and charts for a number of monitoring purposes, including: number of new client registrations, appointment analysis, expenditure list, tracking clients to monitor who needs a follow-up appointment, income analysis and debtors. These reports are particularly comprehensive and will help you to keep on top of how your practice is doing, work out where to direct your marketing and ensure that you maximize your income.

CPD Module:

The most unique feature of Click is the fantastic CPD module – you’ll never lose track of your CPD again! Firstly, you can set up your personal plan and the date range it applies to. You can also input your total number of required CPD hours, which Click will countdown for you as you complete activities. When you book or undertake a CPD activity, you can enter it straight into Click, selecting its category (e.g. workshop or reading an article), enter its details (e.g. course title, date, cost, organizer, number of hours, and any additional notes), and then if you have a completion certificate, you can also upload it to your online CPD file. Click also has a directory called “Find an Event” where providers can advertise CPD courses, allowing you to register your interest and book directly.

Online Booking:

If you choose the £34.99 per month package, you′ll also get access to Click′s online booking facility, which allows your clients to book appointments straight into your diary without you lifting a finger!


Overall, if you want to transform the running of your Practice then Click should be your first stop. It offers a generous range of features. For the average sole practitioner, the £16 package should provide everything you need to run your private practice. Click is a UK-based company offering the highest levels of security and because it’s web-based, you don’t even need to worry about backing up your data.

Click is a modern and innovative practice management software package that will meet all of your clinic’s needs. It’s intuitive, highly customizable, easy-to-use, works across a range of devices, saves time and offers a total solution for your day-to-day clinic needs.  Try it for yourself today for free for one month and you′ll get the CPD module free for life.


Overall rating: 5/5

Ease of installation: N/A (this is a web-based package)

User-friendliness: 4.5/5

Help and support: 5/5

Value for money: 5/5

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