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ClinicOffice by Pioneer Software

ClinicOffice v5 offers an easy-to-use practice management programme which can be personalised by the user to meet their individual needs. It has recently been updated with lots of new features (2015) so is well worth considering.

Its intuitive interface is based on a Microsoft platform with key buttons along the top of the screen (e.g.’ Diary’, ‘Patient’, and ‘Tasks’), making it familiar to navigate for most people. There are also some helpful tutorials to help you to get to grips with the programme, which are really easy to follow. If you get stuck, you can access the online help chat or give the support team a ring, and they are very helpful. It is available in both a stand-alone computer-only edition (one-off fee) or a hosted edition (initial set-up cost then a monthly subscription fee).


Free trial? Yes (30 days)


Cost: from £150 for the start-up edition for your computer (this stores up to 300 patient records), or from £30 a month subscription cost for a hosted version (which includes technical support and incurs a £50 one-off initial setup fee). There is a small extra fee for additional modules, but this offers great flexibility as you can customise ClinicOffice so that it′s perfect for your needs. All prices exclude VAT.



Adding a new patient is easy – just click on one button and it takes you to a screen where you can complete their personal details. You can include insurance details here if the patient isn’t self-funding. You can personalise it by adding more fields if relevant to your practice. From the patient record, you can view a person’s appointments, payments and generate letters or reports using the inbuilt word processor. You can either use the templates provided or ones that you have created using the programme’s ‘Form Designer’ feature (there’s a one-off cost for this feature). 


If you have extra external documents that belong to the case, you can scan these in so everything’s in one place (there’s a one-off cost for this feature). There’s also the option to add clinical notes, and the four boxes allocated to this (titled ‘subjective’, ‘objective’, ‘assessment’ and ‘plan’), can easily be relabelled to suit your needs. If you’re a physical practitioner, you can also subscribe to an extra module where you can annotate body diagrams.


The programme has a calendar feature, with a useful online diary add on. It also has the handy feature of being able to sync to an Outlook calendar or a Google calendar. So, you never have to worry about double-booking or forgetting an appointment if you also use another electronic diary. You also have the option of texting or email patients from within the programme to remind them of their appointment time (additional charges apply for the text messages). 


Invoicing and keeping an eye on payments is simple. The Finances screen allows you to raise invoices (which can be printed or emailed), enter payments, record refunds and, under ‘Items & Services’, record your hourly fees so you can quickly choose how much to bill for a specific patient. Plus, they have just added the Worldpay gateway, meaning that you can take payments within ClinicOffice itself. You don’t need to be an accountant to master this! ClinicOffice has also introduced integration with Healthcode, which allows you to submit insurance claims to providers such as Bupa. This will cut down on a great amount of work for you.


If, as you’re doing your admin, you need to set up any specific tasks (such as remind yourself to ring a patient), you can do this from any of the screens. You can set the task priority and a reminder so you can’t overlook it. There’s also an integrated email manager, which looks similar to Microsoft Outlook’s layout, so you can manage all your emails from ClinicOffice itself (there’s a one-off cost for this feature, or a monthly cost if you have the hosted edition).


Overall, this is a handy little package. If you’re looking for a simple and customisable practice management software package, this is definitely one to consider. The only drawback is that some of its features incur an Optional Module set-up fee/monthly subscription fee on top of what is already being paid. However, as already mentioned, this offers great flexibility. In fact, a Scripting module is included in the package, which allows the software to be totally customised until it′s perfect for your needs. 




Overall rating: 4.5/5

Ease of installation: 5/5

User-friendliness: 5/5

Help and support: 5/5

Value for money: 4/5


Update November 2015: we′ve been told that ClinicOffice will have even more new updates soon, including integration with MailChimp and a new Group Billing feature. Watch this space!