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Goldmine CRM is a very technical package which isn’t suitable for anyone who doesn’t have advanced computer knowledge. There  are some significant challenges which should be considered carefully by anyone who is considering buying Goldmine CRM. The first and foremost is the price, at a whopping £1039 per year, it is very expensive for a sole practitioner. In addition, online reviewers claim that they often need to purchase even more add-ons for better functionality, pushing the price up even more.


Free trial: Yes (desktop-only version)

Cost: £1039 after a discount. UK pricing details here:


The second challenge is the fact that there is only a desktop version, which means that you have to personally install the software on every machine you want to use CRM support on. This also means, of course, that you can’t access the data remotely, which could be a significant drawback for your practice. 


The third challenge is that the software is particularly difficult to install.  Downloading an installer is not sufficient – you also have to download Microsoft Access Express SQL server 2008, which Goldmine CRM works off. The SQL (Structured Query Language) database is a large database itself and you would need prior knowledge of how this database works (and would presumably have to have your data in a format valid with SQL express) - only then can you import data into the software. You can’t even run the software without using the Access Express SQL server.


Goldmine is a well-established CRM and based on a solid SQL database. However, if you’re only looking for a basic CRM system, it is very pricey, difficult to install and not simple to use. If you are a sole practitioner, there are many other CRMs which are cheaper, more efficient and score more highly on user-friendliness.  



Overall rating: 2/5

Ease of installation: 1/5 

User-friendliness: 2/5 

Help and support: 3/5 

Value for money: 1/5


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