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Insight Notes

Insight Notes is a record keeping app for therapists, specifically designed for iPad usage. Once the app is installed you can export files in PDF format to any other device, which means you aren’t limited to your iPad, but of course you need to have one in the first place. 

Cost: the app initially costs £6.99, which is excellent value. However, if you want to export and back up your encrypted files remotely, you will have to pay £10.49/month as an in-app purchase. Without this, your encrypted files are tied to your iPad, only exportable as PDFs and not backed up remotely. 

This works out at £132.87 per annum, more expensive than similar systems (for example Safenotes). Unfortunately there is no free trial but a good demo video, which is worth a view. 

The installation couldn’t be easier. The demo video claims that Insight Notes is easily installed within 3 minutes, which is very realistic. It is as simple as installing any other app on your iPad except you have to create an ‘Encryption Code’ which is just tech-talk for a password. This is an important step because the strength of your password is essential for the protection of your notes.  

Insight Notes then asks you to enter some contact information, which will be seen on your letterhead (should you choose to export your notes onto one) and can be updated at any time. There is the option to add your signature, although this can be difficult to produce on an iPad.

Creating clients and adding notes is as straightforward as installation. You have the option to create different types of notes (text, draw, scan and progress notes) and they are arranged by client and date. If you know how to use your iPad, you will have no trouble using Insight Notes. One benefit over other, cloud based systems, is that you will be able to view your encrypted notes even if you don’t have an internet connection, as they are stored on your iPad.

Insight Notes provides a contact form and thorough list of FAQs to answer your queries. Although the website does not mention their contact availability, Insight Notes responded to our question in detail within 24 hours.

Overall, Insight Notes is easy to install and use, but it could set you back more money than you first anticipated. 


Overall rating: 4/5 

Ease of installation: 5/5  

User-friendliness: 4/5 

Help and support: 4/5 

Value for money: 3/5