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InTouch CRM

InTouch is an extremely useful piece of CRM software, designed to help small businesses make the most of their contact lists and manage their relationships with customers.  Everything is stored on the Cloud, and with no need to download or install any software, signing up to InTouch’s service is quick and easy – all you need is an internet connection and you’re ready to go! 

New to CRM software?

There’s an introduction to this type of software, and an insight into how it might help private practices, here.

Getting started

Creating an account is simple via InTouch’s website. You are asked to enter your name, email address and a password, after which you will receive a helpful email welcoming you to the service complete with “how to” videos explaining everything from adding contacts to using the calendar and creating automated emails.  

Although InTouch may initially seem a little confusing to anyone unfamiliar with CRM software, the creators have made great efforts to explain everything in user-friendly terms. In addition to the “how to” videos, the website includes a comprehensive support centre with an easy to use search bar, FAQ section and helpful articles, including a jargon glossary – highly useful to those new to this type of software! 

The layout of the programme is also fluid and easy to understand. Each of the functions are clearly labelled on the left-hand side of the screen, and the homepage comes with the option of adding the widgets that are most relevant to you, making accessing the tools you use the most quick and easy. 

Client admin

As an admin tool, InTouch really does help to keep everything streamlined and organised. You can organise all of your contacts in one secure place, by either adding them manually or importing them from an existing file on your computer. 

Once added, each contact is assigned an individual profile, where you can view and edit their information, including date of birth, contact numbers and address. Any emails or SMS messages you send through the system are automatically logged under their name, making them easy to find. You may also make notes on each profile, detailing letters you have sent them, phone conversations etc. 

From a therapist’s point of view, this means that in addition to organising your contacts in one convenient place, InTouch allows you to keep all your client notes securely saved to the Cloud, where you can access them at any time, from anywhere (as long as you have an internet connection!). 

Selecting “more options” on a client’s profile allows you to send a text, add an event to your calendar (ideal for keeping track of appointments), make notes, add them to marketing campaigns, mailing lists etc. The text system could be particularly useful, as it can be utilised to send clients appointment reminders the day before they are due to see you. 

Creating an event means that you can also set yourself reminders regarding individual clients, such as sending a follow-up email seeing how they’re getting on with homework, or sending them a link to an article you may have discussed during your session. The event reminder will appear in a box at the right-hand side of your client’s profile, making it easy to see. The system will also send you an email, ensuring that tasks never slip your mind. 

For therapists who are part of a practice, everyone given the account login details will have access to everything saved on the system. It is possible to assign tasks to specific individuals, making InTouch a useful admin tool for practice managers, and helping to ensure that everyone completes their set tasks. It could also be a useful tool in the event of a practice member being ill or on annual leave.

If you have any standardised paperwork or information sheets that need to be sent to clients, you can also upload them to the system and save them under categories, making them easy to find and attach to emails.

Contacting clients  

The Contacts section allows you to organise your clients into groups, making sending emails to multiple people much quicker. For instance, if you discover an app or article that you feel may be useful to some of your clients, selecting “Email” on the system allows you to create professional, polished emails (there are many useful templates to help get you started!) where you could provide information and a link to the app/article, including pictures and why you feel it might be useful. The email can then be sent to individuals, or your pre-created groups. 

You can group people according to as many factors as you wish. For example, in the case of app recommendations, you could create a contact group for those who have smartphones, or of clients who are dealing with similar issues who may find specific articles or apps useful (there is no way for your clients to see who else has received the email, so privacy and security are assured). 

The templates for email campaigns are incredibly useful, as they range in colour, layout and even topic. Making changes to text and images is really simple: just click on the pen icon next to each section! Once you find a template you’re happy with, you can save it to use as a model for future communications, providing you with uniformity. Seasonal templates can also be utilised for newsletters, for instance, if you wish to send a Christmas newsletter detailing dates you will be away/unavailable, when you will be back etc. 

“Automation” gives you the option of pre-creating your emails days or months in advance (ideal for busy therapists, as it means you can have set admin days, allowing you to manage your work-day more efficiently). Once your emails are created and saved, you are given the option to send them immediately or at a set time on a specific date, which also means that you may continue to contact your clients, send reminders etc even when you’re away at conferences, on holiday or unable to access an internet connection. 

Automated emails created via the templates also come with a built-in “unsubscribe” link, so you don’t need to be concerned that you might be spamming your clients! In addition to this service, the system also lets you know if any of your contacts have repeatedly failed to open the emails or click on links therein, allowing you to decide to remove them from your mailing list. 

Adding a website form

With InTouch you can insert a code into your website, producing a form that enables potential clients to sign up to your mailing list or send an enquiry (a useful tool for helping to grow your business!).  There is also a WordPress plugin for anyone with a WordPress site to easily place a form on their website. This forms part of the “Sales, Pipeline and Lead Management” function offered by InTouch. 

While this may not seem, on first glance, as useful for therapists as it might for commercial businesses, anyone who signs up for your mailing list or makes an enquiry through the site are automatically added to your contact list, and added as leads into the sale pipeline. Tasks can be set to remind follow-ups such as an email or courtesy call to move them from a casual enquiry to a first paid appointment. 

Creating Surveys

Although primarily created in order to gain customer feedback, InTouch’s Survey feature is easily adapted to suit a wide range of therapy needs. Surveys are quick and easy to create, and can include a variety of answer options: multiple choice with one or more answers, a rating scale or a text box. They can also be saved, making them useful for “homework” forms, such as mood monitoring questionnaires, or keeping track of mobility improvements for physiotherapy. 

The automated emailing system also means that you can set them to send to clients the day after or before an appointment, prompting them to do their homework tasks and also ensuring that you have time to look over their work before you next see them. For therapists who like to use apps to help their clients’ progress between sessions, this could also be a useful alternative for clients who do not own a smartphone, android or tablet. 


I was seriously impressed with InTouch. It offers a wide range of features, all in one easy to use place. The use of the Cloud means that you have the added security of knowing all of your client’s details, notes etc are stored safely – so no concerns about losing paperwork or computer hard drives breaking! As there is no need to download or install any software, your password protected account is always accessible, regardless of where you are, allowing you to keep up to date with admin even when you’re away from the office. 

Automated Emails, Lead Management and the Calendar feature all help to ensure that no one is ever forgotten about, and can help you to manage your time and grow your business – you can even link your InTouch account to your business’ Facebook or Twitter if you have one! 

Although the sheer number of features and terminology may seem daunting initially, everything is explained in a clear, user friendly way, meaning that it doesn’t take long to become comfortable with InTouch and make the most of the service. You will also receive regular emails with handy hints (if you’re the sort of person who becomes annoyed with this quickly, there is a clear “opt out” button at the end of each email!). 

How useful each feature may be depends on the type of therapy you provide, how your business works and what exactly you wish to gain from CRM software. However, InTouch is easily adapted to suit a variety of needs, making it incredibly useful.

Price: A free 2 week trial is currently available through InTouch’s website, which has all features enabled. Once your free trial ends, there are 4 price packages available, with no minimum contract:

  • Free – Pay As You Go
  • £9/month – Sales
  • £19/month – Marketing
  • £29/month – Complete

The cheaper packages, as you’d expect, are more limited in terms of which features you can use and how often. However they are designed to best meet the needs of small businesses, whether they are more focused on sales, email marketing or a more integrated approach.

It is possible to buy additional email/SMS credits, however, this could add up quite quickly, making the slightly more expensive packages better value for money in the long run. It is also possible to mix and match user accounts, so if you have a team, you could have for example one complete, two marketing and three sales accounts.

Visit the InTouch website.



Overall rating: 5/5

Ease of installation: 5/5

User-friendliness: 5/5 

Help and support: 5/5 

Value for money: 4.5/5


We put the review to InTouch and have received the following comment:

"This is a fantastic and in depth review of InTouch.

Whilst the review focuses on how good the software is, what really sets us apart is our fanatical focus on customer success.  Our customer success team are here to help and advise, to make sure you get the best for your business.

We are passionate about helping small businesses achieve their full potential, all too often it is a weakness in sales and marketing that holds many businesses back.

So I would encourage you to take a Free trial, speak with our customer success team and see just how it can help you build a stronger and more successful business."