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Jelly Software

Jellyzone (or Jelly, as it’s affectionately known) is an all-singing, all-dancing practice management programme aimed at private practices and a diverse range of specialties, from chiropractors and osteopaths to surgeons and private GPs. It’s NHS certified and you can access it on your PC, via the Cloud and on Apple and Android devices. It aims to save you time and money through its intuitive features and time-saving tricks. Whether you’re a sole practitioner or a larger clinic, Jelly is tailored to your needs. 

Jelly runs your Practice from one place, allowing you to coordinate your diary and bookings (including online bookings), clinical notes, correspondence, accounts, stock control, and the everyday running of your business with ease. It is excellent at helping you to interact efficiently with your clients, automatically sending appointment confirmations and enabling them to book appointments online 24 hours a day. Jelly has a particularly brilliant feature which also allows you to send forms to your client before an appointment which, when they fill them in electronically, are auto-saved in Jelly’s cloud so you have all the information you need before they arrive – and no hassle of a patient not sending a form back or forgetting to bring it with them.

Forms are a key element of Jelly and a huge strength of the package. You can use the Bespoke Form Creator to create just about any form that you want whether that’s a form you use in a consultation, assessment report template, client letter, letter to a third party, SMS message or payment receipt – and much more. Patient information is auto-inserted into the templates to save as much time as possible. All information sent via email is password-protected which is an essential security feature and will help to keep you ICO-compliant, as well as ensuring peace of mind

Every new patient record enables you to input the client’s personal information, referral source and any third-party payment details for a patient, keeping all their details in one place. There are consent boxes to ensure that you have collected consent to contact the patient, their GP and store their medical records, if applicable. If you need to upload additional files, Jelly includes a generous 5GB of storage for that purpose. The patient can also opt into receiving SMS messages and, when they reply to them, you can either receive these on your mobile phone as normal or opt to receive them back into Jelly, keeping all the correspondence in one place. If a patient is due for recall, Jelly will send them an automatic reminder so you don’t lose track of patients (and profits). You can also send automatic SMS and email appointment reminders – you get 100 free text messages per month as part of your subscription.

Jelly excels in time-saving features when it comes to capturing patient information. Recognising that most professionals don’t have the time or desire to type lots of notes or letters, it has incorporated voice-dictation into the software so you can dictate your notes or letters. When you are typing, Jelly has developed an extensive dictionary of abbreviations (and you can create your own library of abbreviations or even standard paragraphs too!) so, for example, if you type ‘sci’ it will automatically extend it to ‘shoulder cuff injury’. What a great way to reduce admin time so you can focus instead on seeing the patients who are generating your income!

There is so much customization in Jelly that it’s impossible to cover it all in this review. Everything you would expect to be customizable in your practice management software – from appointment types and appointments costs for different procedures and providers to forms and reports – is available to you in Jelly. It even allows you to use your own email address as it links into your email server.

Managing your financial accounts is seamless in Jelly, allowing you to invoice patients and third parties, record various types of payments and monitor unpaid debts. Jelly has safeguards to ensure that you don’t make any billing mistakes either, for example if you charge more than an insurer will pay for a treatment, then the invoice will only generate the insurer’s fee and the rest is charged to the patient, saving you confusion, rejected invoices and payment delays. If you need to export revenue and expenditure reports to your own accounting software, that’s possible too.

Business management is also an important element of Jelly so you can monitor the nuts and bolts of your Practice. Jelly enables you to generate a vast range of reports in the areas of marketing (e.g. referral source), finances, stock, patient information and clinical outcomes. You can customise these too and export them to Excel. To help to keep up to speed with CQC guidelines, you can also document, action and monitor your clinical management processes by using the to-do list, which will display prompts to remind you that certain tasks are due.

If you are a medical practitioner, Jellyzone is linked with TDL, allowing you to print blood test forms and labels, order blood tests online and receive the results back into the system. Physiotherapists and related professionals will also appreciate the body diagrams which can be annotated as part of the clinical notes. Medical practitioners will enjoy being able to use the integrated NHS common drugs database to generate a standard FP10SS or customised private prescriptions.

Overall, Jelly is a comprehensive, efficient and easy-to-use practice management software programme. Its super time-saving features are a real asset to any business, saving you laborious hours on admin. It’s highly customizable, sophisticated and has excellent security features, keeping your data confidential at an NHS-certified level. Your data is kept safe in the cloud at all times and you can access it 24/7 from a range of devices, wherever you are. It might be a bit pricey for a sole practitioner but the amount of hours it should save you in admin are worth their weight in gold.


Overall rating:    5/5

Ease of installation: 5/5 because Jelly technicians do it for you!

User-friendliness: 5/5

Help and support: 5/5

Value for money: 4/5

Free trial: Book a remote demo online.

Cost: £99 plus VAT per month. No contract. Includes 100 text messages. Free support, including free emergency support in the unlikely event that the software won’t start on your computer.

Review Date: August 2017