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Like many other encryption service providers, MailFence uses ‘End-to-End Encryption’ in order to prevent third parties from accessing your data. This also includes MailFence themselves.

MailFence stores your data in Belgium, so it is protected under Belgian Law, rather than floating around in the ‘Cloud’.

A useful feature of MailFence is that you can use digital signatures. This means that your email recipients can be certain that what they receive has come from you and nobody else. This means that they don’t even need to use MailFence themselves.

Furthermore, MailFence does not just send emails. It has calendars, document storage and allows you to import all your contacts and groups. Management of your client communications is much easier with everything in the same place,.

You may worry that if you want to change your email supplier, you may face issues with MailFence, but you can export all your emails and keys (passwords) with no problems.

Compared with other encryption software, MailFence is easy to use. It works in your internet browser, with no plug-ins or add-ons. Simply sign up online and use the service on all desktop and mobile devices.

If you do have any problems using MailFence, there is a blog, with loads of hints and tips to help you out.

There is a free package available, but its storage is limited to 200MB emails and 250MB documents.

To get more out of MailFence, it’s worth choosing between the Entry and Pro packages, priced at €2.50 per month for the Entry package or €7.50 per month for the Pro package. You’ll also get better support with these packages, should you need it.

In summary, MailFence is a comprehensive solution to secure emailing. It is easy to use, competitively priced and would be a useful service for any small business.