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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM possesses the classic Microsoft interface, which is efficient and user-friendly, but many users have also described it as clunky. It only runs on Internet Explorer so is not suitable for Mac users. 


Free trial: No (a demo video is available to watch)

Cost: £28.70 per user per month. UK pricing details can be found on this site: Prices exclude VAT.


The CRM software has excellent reporting facilities and an extremely comprehensive online resource centre (as with most Microsoft products). It also integrates seamlessly with Outlook so you can connect it up with your emails, but surprisingly, seems to have no social CRM features (such as allowing you integrate your marketing with Facebook and Twitter).


In general, online reviews for this software are positive, and users claim that Microsoft, despite entering the CRM market late, has designed an efficient solution that is decent value for money. The product is probably a little on the expensive side for sole practitioners looking for basic CRM, but if browser compatibility is not an issue and social media integration isn’t a requirement, then Dynamics CRM can be an appropriate solution to help you seamlessly manage your Practice.



Overall rating: 3.5/5

Ease of installation: 3/5 (Is only compatible with Internet Explorer)

User-friendliness: 4/5 (Online review claims)

Help and support: 4/5 (Online review claims)

Value for money: 3/5


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