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Mindlogr is an app that lets you record private video journals (or vlogs) online, which can then be shared as wished. For talking therapists this could be really useful, not only for recording your own thoughts but also for viewing the video journals of clients in between sessions.  It uses encryption software, so you can be sure that your information is secure, and has even been recommended by the NHS website as an app that can help those with mental health issues.


There are two versions of Mindlogr: free and premium. The main difference between the two versions is the amount of data that you can record. For example, with the premium account you get unlimited log books (as opposed to 10 for free); unlimited time (as opposed to 60 mins/month); and the recording length is boosted from 5mins to 15mins/video. In addition, the mobile recording and file upload facility is only available on premium. It is useful to use the free version of Mindlogr, however, at $5/month (about £3) or $50/year in their current special offer (about £30), the premium account does not seem too expensive.


Installation of the app simply requires a username and an email address, which is great for those who are short of time and sick of entering endless details when signing up online.


What’s more, it could not be easier to use Mindlogr. Provided you have a webcam, there is no need to upload videos onto the app because you record and save videos directly onto it, at the click of a button. Once you start making videos they are organised into a private timeline a bit like that of Facebook, which you can personalise if you so desire. Mindlogr also gives you little ‘rewards’ for frequent videos, which, although slightly unnecessary, are very sweet and could act as a motivational tool.


In terms of help and support, despite there not being a page for FAQs on the website, Mindlogr replied to my weekday query within a speedy 10 minutes! If they can maintain this efficiency, Mindlogr will be able to sort out any issues you have in no time.


Overall, Mindlogr is a useful recording device for therapists and clients alike that makes privacy a priority. Recording video logs is definitely quicker than typing or writing and so easy to get to grips with, that its only potential fault is the motivational ‘rewards! 


Ratings:  Overall rating: 4/5 

Ease of installation: 5/5  

User-friendliness: 5/5 

Help and support:  4/5 

Value for money: 4/5