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Moonfruit ( is one of the oldest do-it-yourself website builder sites, with clients worldwide. It has a familiar layout, an excellent selection of templates and lots of great features, including a blog, online shop and lots of design tools to help make your website stand out from the crowd. It’s also fairly good value-for-money.

Once you’ve registered with Moonfruit, you can use the trial version to get a feel for the site, which is very helpful. You can also register a domain name or import your own. You’ll get your own email addresses too and can choose the package you want to purchase, if you’re already at this stage. This review focuses on the Standard package as this should be sufficient for the average therapist.

Once you’re ready to start designing your site, you can choose from an extensive range of templates. This will be your basic initial layout and can be tweaked later if you need to. Moonfruit’s templates are outstanding in their quality and are more in line with designer quality than the standard DIY site. This will help you to build a professional-looking site.

The website editor will help you to layout your site and insert your content. It works with drag-and-drop functions so you can move things around the screen and put them where you want. How you see your page is how it will look to your website visitors, which makes the process much simpler. If you can use packages like Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher then the design principles will be familiar to you.

Moonfruit say that you don’t need any technical knowledge to build your website, however the website editor isn’t particularly intuitive to use and there are no on-screen tips to signpost you through the process. The array of buttons along the top is a bit confusing at first sight. Your best bet is to access the Help section, view the tutorial videos and read some of the downloadable guides to help you to get started. Internet reviews suggest that people seem to have mixed feelings about the website editor, with some claiming it was quick and simple to use and others saying it wasn’t very easy. 

Moonfruit can help you to build a top-quality site, once you get to grips with it. There are so many things that you can add to your web page, such as image galleries, forms, links, shapes and dynamic HTML objects. It offers an extensive widget library and image gallery, or you can upload your own pictures and images. There’s also the useful feature of being able to add PDF files to your site so clients can download important documents. 

In terms of multimedia, Moonfruit comes equipped with a video and audio player, so you can link to sites like YouTube or upload your own videos and files. It can also integrate with social media like Twitter, Facebook Connect and RSS feeds. This means clients can keep up-to-date with your latest news and offers. There’s also a contact form facility so people can get in touch directly from your website.

If you need an online shop, then Moonfruit has this facility too. Your e-commerce store will link up with Paypal so customers can pay you using a range of methods with confidence that their transaction is secure and protected. 

You’re able to build a unique site using Moonfruit, despite it being a templated DIY website builder. You can do this in a number of ways. For example, you can use the Editor feature to alter things like your font’s style, colour and size. You can also, with more advanced computer skills, change your website’s HTML and CSS code. This will customise your website so it’s unique to you.

To help people to find your website, Moonfruit automatically optimise your content for search engines. It offers widgets which allow you to include more advanced SEO methods, therefore allowing you to make your site even easier to find. You can manually add meta-tags to your pages as well to help search engines find you. This is really helpful and maximises the chances of your clients finding your website. The SEO integrates with Google analytic and Google webmaster tools so you can track your visitors and monitor how well your SEO strategies are working. 

If you get stuck, Moonfruit offer support in a variety of ways, from technical support contact forms, video tutorials, FAQs and a forum. The tutorials and FAQ section are particularly helpful.

Overall, Moonfruit is a professional and popular DIY website builder, which also hosts your side, provides a domain name and offers email address, an online shop and blog facilities. It might not be the most intuitive builder to use for some people, but the free trial option gives you the chance to test this out. Used to its fullest potential, you will end up with a highly customised and professional-looking site which has the ability to generate a lot of new clients. It is a solid and reliable company, and is one of the market-leaders.

Cost: As of February 2015, the Standard package is £8 per month or £6 per month if you sign up to 12 months in advance. 


Trial offer: Free website with advertising.

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