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Mr. Site

Mr Site is a widely-used website building service. Users can either use tools and templates to create their own website, or Mr Site will build a custom site to your specification. The service offers a range of useful features including search engine optimisation, newsletters, blogs, shops, logo design and the purchase of domain names and hosting.  Self-made websites are put together using a drag and drop tool, meaning that you don’t need to be a technological whiz to create your own site. Their bespoke website building service also makes them great for therapists who want an eye-catching website, but don’t have the time to do it themselves.

Getting Started

For this review, we decided to try out Mr Site’s “We build it for you” option. Contacting Mr Site’s staff was easy via email, although they are also available by phone. To begin, I was required to fill out a form detailing what I wanted from my website. I really liked this element of the design process, as it gave me time to think about what I wanted, look at other sites for inspiration and collect as many details as I could.

I began by entering my name and contact information. I was then prompted to enter a range of information including colour scheme, whether I needed a blog or shop, and links to any websites that I liked the look of for inspiration. Once I had submitted the form, I also emailed the designer my copy, and we organised a time for the design call.

Creating the Website

The designer I spoke to was very friendly, polite and helpful and had some great ideas about what he thought would work well for my website. We discussed the various elements I liked on the example websites I had listed, and he gave some useful advice on what he thought did and didn’t work well. We also discussed logo design and the kind of images I might like. I said I liked the idea of something simple and the use of “natural” images. In terms of colour schemes, I said that I liked the idea of something colourful, but without looking too busy or cluttered. The call lasted about half an hour, during which time the designer answered all of my questions and put forward lots of great ideas. I was told that I would shortly receive an email with the contract attached, confirming everything we had discussed.

As promised, I received the email a short time later, with details of everything that was to be included on my website. The contract was very clearly presented and was a really useful point of reference for me to think about and consider whether I had included everything I wanted. Once I had read through the contract, I replied saying that I was very happy, and the designer began creating my website.

The Website

Early the following week, I received an email with a link to my new website. I was also told that I was entitled to up to three revisions, should I want anything changed.

I clicked on the link and was very happy with what I saw! The colour scheme was visually appealing, with a neutral background and elements of bright colours in the logo (which I loved) and the circular details, which highlighted some of the key problems a CBT therapist might help with  (stress, anxiety, anger etc.). The use of a calming, natural image at the top of each page was exactly what I had in mind, and balanced really well with the bright colours the designer had chosen. The pale blue selected for the headings and subheadings also worked really well with the top images, and the overall layout was clean and professional. The navigation was clean and easy to follow, and the site looked equally good on my laptop and mobile phone, making it ideal for the many potential clients who browse on their mobile devises. I was really impressed with the designer’s work! 

Once I confirmed that I was happy with the design, I was told that one of Mr Site’s copywriters would be in contact with me to discuss any improvements or changes to my copy.

The Copy

As with everyone I spoke to from Mr Site, their copywriter was very friendly and professional. During our call, she gave me some great advice, answered all of my questions, and we agreed that she would make changes to my existing copy to improve my text’s SEO.

A few days later, I receive an email with the proposed copy. An explanation of the changes/choices had been included at the top of each section in red, providing some really useful information and hints relating to SEO. These included information about geo-targeting, common search terms relating to CBT and useful changes to headers and page titles.

The copy flowed really well and explained the processes and benefits of CTB in clear, user friendly terms. Careful consideration had been given to the ease of navigating around the website and the whole effect when combined with the appearance of the website worked very well.

Once I had approved the changes to the copy, I was told that it would be added to the website and the final product would be made available for my approval prior to launching.

Going Live

I received a link to the final website a short while later. I was really happy with the finished result. The various elements all worked well together, and the overall effect was very clean, professional and eye-catching.

The designer also explained to me that the Mr Site team would carry out the meta tagging once the site was launched. I asked for some details on what this entailed, and he provided me with lots of useful information. Meta tagging is the stage at which the team add keywords, alternative titles on the images and meta titles on the pages. This information all goes straight into the website’s HTML code. He explained that this better enables Google to read the website, thus improving the chances of the site ranking highly in Google searches.

He also sent me two formats of my new logo, with one for digital use, and one for print.

I later received an email with a link to my new live website, along with my login details and lots of useful information, including details on how to change my password and a link to useful video guides.

Website Editor

The layout of the website editor made it very quick and easy to use. Following login, I was able to check my emails, make changes to passwords and manage domain names, and view my website’s details including renewals and how much space I have currently used up.

The Add-ons section allows me to view other data packages available, and the Personal Details section made ensuring that all of my details were up to date very easy.

The availability of the how-to videos made getting to grips with the editor a simple task, and I felt confident in my abilities after a very short period!


Overall, I was really very happy with the service I received from Mr Site. I spoke to three different members of staff throughout the process of creating and launching my website, and they were all friendly, professional and happy to go over any details I had questions about.

The finished product was brilliant: colourful, professional and very eye-catching. I appreciated the amount of effort and time that went into every detail of the website, and the information and tips I received along the way were very useful.

The available extras, including blogs, shops, copywriting services, search engine optimisation, maps and contact forms make the service ideal for a wide range of therapists.

Note: I tried out the ′Build it for me′ option, and despite being very pleased with the results, the cost is slightly more expensive than some others.


Build my own – prices and packages vary from as little as £2.50 to £34 a month, depending on your needs and requirements.

Build it for me - £99 per page (including VAT).