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Physio123 ( is a specialist online design and marketing company for therapists from all disciplines, not just physiotherapists, as their name suggests. They aim to make it easy for therapists to have a website by taking care of all the design, hosting and marketing needs for them. There is no contract and Phsyio123 claim that all of their packages will at least pay for themselves in the extra referrals that they generate for your practice. All you have to do is to see the clients that come your way!

The most popular Physio123 package is PhysioOne, which will give you an eight page website, your own logo, domain name, £10 worth of Adwords per month, 5 hours of free updates, technical support and the chances of having a decent Google ranking (you get 10 hours of SEO per year). You also get one email addresss.

To get started, you fill in the customer requirements form so that the design team can build your site. You can ask them to consider particular colour schemes, logo ideas and anything else you’d like for your site. You can specify which pages you want and you have to write the content for each one. It takes approximately a week to design the PhysioOne package and then it will be marketed for you, with the aim of getting it to a high ranking in all major search engines, such as Google. PhysioOne designers don’t use templates so can really tailor the website layout to the therapist’s needs.

Your website will look professional, high quality and be unique to you, plus it will be integrated with social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, if you want. You can have useful widgets added to it, like a Google map showing the location of your clinic.

Whilst there is a limited amount of basic marketing and Adwords included in the PhysioOne package, for a better chance of increasing your referrals, you will need to buy the more costly SEO and Adwords packages.

Physio123 boasts both short-term and long-term marketing strategies to optimise your online presence. They do this by using Google Adwords for more immediate results and a SEO approach for longer term results which they achieve by driving more traffic to your website from a number of sources. Physio123 say that they are very experienced at marketing therapy practices, so can maximise your chances of success. You could use the three month trial to test out these claims, although do bear in mind that both SEO and Adwords are long term prospects that need to be regularly maintained to deliver good results.

You can monitor the success of your website by using Physio123’s visitor tracking software. This gives you a detailed breakdown of your visitors, from which pages they viewed and how often, to which search engines directed them to your site. In addition, Physio 123 also monitor these themselves and automatically make any changes that are needed to optimise your website traffic.

Physio123 is a simple way to have a professional and bespoke website if you want a strong online presence and effective online marketing with no need to put any effort into it yourself. The lack of an online shop or blog options might be a downside for some therapists. It’s also pricey compared to other options, but does offer high quality designs, a personalised service and a logo – as with everything, you get what you pay for. With a three-month free trial, Physio123 give a 100% risk-free guarantee and there’s no contract to tie you in. 

Cost as of January 2019: From £59 a month for a basic website. No contract.

Additional SEO package: £299 a month ongoing.

Adwords: £299 set-up fee and £19 a month ongoing.

Social media: £399 per month ongoing.

Trial offer: 3 month free trial.