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Physio123 - first hand experience

Physio123 ( specialises in creating websites for physiotherapists and are experienced in search engine optimisation. In addition to creating your website for you, they manage everything to ensure your practice gets the most from your website in terms of traffic and enquiries from potential clients.

Getting Started

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Physio123 offers 3 packages: PhysioOne, PhysioTwo and PhysioThree. Unlike most website builders, they offer you a long free trial (3 months), which I felt was great as it really gives you a chance to see if their service will help boost client numbers! 

Contacting them is easy through their website. As someone who has a limited knowledge of technical aspects regarding Google searches, building websites etc, I appreciated the user-friendly terms Physio123 use to explain everything. 

I received a friendly, helpful email from Physio123, welcoming me to the PhysioOne package. I was asked to complete a Customer Requirements Form, and invited to get in touch if I had any further queries. 

The form explained everything clearly, and included additional notes with examples and useful hints. I was asked to supply a name and contact address, email address and phone number. There was no pressure regarding time limits with the form. They also gave the option to create a logo for me, which I thought was a really useful addition (particularly if your practice is new or you are re-branding!). 

The form included space to choose my page titles and navigation (up to 8 pages with the PhysioOne package), a colour scheme and room to include the web address of any websites I had seen that I liked the look of. The “add-ons” section gave me a list of options to choose from, including an interactive form, search feature, interactive body chart, icon design and online booking facility.  

In terms of images, Physio123 offer you a number of helpful options; you may submit your own photos to them (e.g. of your team, practice etc.) or they have an impressive bank of stock images, which you can browse through and assign to pages, or they can choose for you. I opted for the latter.

For the content, I was presented with a section for each page, making it easy to fill in. This was the only remotely time-consuming part of the form, but with no deadline pressure, there was plenty of time to get it right. 

Once completed, I emailed the form back to Physio123. I received a helpful response, with useful tips and advice on improving my content to ensure it would rate highly on Google. I was also advised on the benefits of .com over, the available options and useful services to redirect phone calls to the practice to a mobile (an excellent feature so you never miss out on potential patients!). Everything was explained clearly, in user-friendly terms. 

When the content was settled on, I was told that Physio123 would get to work on my website, and be in contact once it was ready for me to approve. 

The Website

My website took about a week. Although this is slower than some other website builders claim, it was well worth the wait. Bearing in mind that the website was built exactly to my specification and was unique to me, I felt that a week was very quick! 

I received a text message informing me that my website was ready to go, complete with a link to it. I also received an email, detailing some changes they had made to my content in order to help my website’s Google rating. The email was friendly and invited me to reply with any changes I would like made (nothing to do with Physio123 made me feel pressured, which is great when signing up for a free trial!). They also offered to send me a high-quality copy of the logo they had created for me, for use on letters etc. As with every other stage, everything was explained in clear simple terms, making the whole experience pleasant and unintimidating. 

I was incredibly happy with the finished website. The colour scheme was exactly what I had asked for, and the logo was simple, eye-catching and perfectly considered for physiotherapy. The overall design of the site was clear and easy to understand, and I felt that the content I had provided was integrated in an easy-to-read way. The changes they made to my content made perfect sense, and I was very happy.

I was impressed with Physio123’s attention to detail, which included a helpful contact form at the bottom of each page, in addition to contact details, the location on Google Maps and links to Facebook and Twitter. 

The images chosen were suitable for each page and complimented the content well. I also really liked the additional boxes and navigation they included to make moving around the website easier, as well as a search bar feature. It also really helped to highlight the services offered by the practice and the types of conditions that could be treated. I felt that any potential client would have all of the information they might need to make the decision to contact us.


Physio123 is more expensive than the more D-I-Y routes. In my opinion it is well worth the additional cost when you bear in mind that the monthly fee for PhysioOne is around the same cost as one client session. Not only will they build you a personalised website to your specification (no generic templates in sight!), they really do pay attention to what you ask for. They make the process of providing content very easy and stress-free, and I found their team to be very friendly and helpful. The amount of consideration they give to your questions and content alone makes for excellent customer service. Everything to do with my website, from the creation to the finished product, was carefully designed with physiotherapists in mind and the end result was bright, professional and appealing. When you consider that they also take the stress out of hosting, arrange your domain name, produce a logo for you and manage your website to ensure it rates well on Google, the PhysioOne package is good value for money.  There is no contract involved, meaning that you can cancel your service at any time, without incurring any charges. Overall, I would highly recommend Physio123 for physiotherapists seeking to promote their business.

Price (as of January 2019): 

PhysioOne - £59/month and £0 set up charge.

PhysioTwo - £79/month and £2,999 set up charge.

PhysioThree - £99/Month and £8,499 set up charge.