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Posteo is an email encryption service based in Germany that claims your account with them will be ‘sustainable, secure and ad-free’. Its email, address book and calendar functions are fully comprehensive, allowing you to attach files of up to 50MB per email. You should find that this is more than sufficient for your requirements.

One of Posteo’s unique selling points is that it prides itself on being a ‘green’ company. Not only is the company powered by Greenpeace Energy, it shuns flights, promotes cycling and provides employees with free, organic, vegetarian lunches. This doesn’t change the service you receive, but it does give you an idea of the ethics of Posteo as a business.
As with most email encryption services, you can use Posteo on all desktop and mobile devices. It works in your web browser and you can use all of the usual browsers such as Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer. Posteo allows you to use up to 20 alias addresses if you want to keep your own email address private.
Posteo encrypts all the emails you send along with any attachments. They use ‘End-to-End encryption’ which means that nobody but your intended recipient can access your messages. 
The downside of end to end encryption is that your email recipient will also have to install Posteo’s encryption software. Think carefully about this before signing up to Posteo. 
Packages start from €1 per month, giving you 2GB storage. 2GB of storage is not a lot, but you can increase your storage capacity to 20GB, with each additional GB costing you €0.25 per month. There is no free trial, but if you cancel your account within 14 days of opening it, you’ll be refunded. 
Overall, Posteo has some great corporate and social responsibility qualities and also provides an encryption service to rival the others. It is affordable, flexible and responsible, but you should think carefully about the need for your recipients to have the same software.