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Power Diary

Power Diary is a software package designed specifically for health clinics around the world, from one user upwards. This versatile and streamlined cloud-based practice management programme is more than 12 years old and suits therapists from a wide range of professions. As it’s hosted online, you’ll never be far from your data as you can access it from anywhere in the world from your phone, laptop and tablet.

As soon as you log into Power Diary, you’ll enjoy its intuitive, uncluttered calendar screen. This is your portal into every Power Diary function, with a clear side menu where you can access all elements of Power Diary and the calendar tabs across the top (which are particularly helpful if you have multiple user calendars – you can even add therapist photos to these!). From the side menu, you can access the main areas of Power Diary, such as appointments, people (clients, referrers and other contacts), sales and payments, reports, tools, set-up and help). There’s no time wasted trying to find the function that you need, but if you want to hone your skills, you can learn how to use Power Diary by watching video tutorials or by searching the Knowledge Base. There is also a great support team who you can contact for extra help.


Power Diary’s main calendar screen is so comprehensive that you’ll rarely need to leave it to complete most daily client-based tasks. From the screen, you can create appointments, add new client details at the same time as booking appointments, search for clients and contacts, see an appointment status, and much more. There are some features of the Power Diary booking screen that make it stand out from its competitors too.

Firstly, when booking a client, you can send them an automated reminder (you can customise this and when you want it sent). The client can reply Yes or No, which automatically updates the system for you. When a client replies to confirm, their appointment colour goes to green, so you can see in a flash whether a client will definitely be attending and who might need chasing up. You can also bring up a menu on the right side of the screen where you can see all your appointment reminders and, cleverly, also engage in an SMS chat with a client. This is handy if you want to remind them to bring paperwork, tell them you’re running late, or they need to communicate with you. To extend or move an appointment, just drag the appointment box to a different day or drag to expand it over a longer duration. This saves you having to fiddle manually with settings and is a great time-saver.

2-way SMS Messages

When a client is booked in, the system will also display a red symbol by their name if they have an outstanding balance to pay, so you can follow it up when you see them. When a client books, you can add the fee for their appointment or any product that you will be selling them, if relevant to your Practice, as well as mark payments received and the payment method. You can even set up the option to sell packs of treatment (e.g. 10 sessions for a certain price) or any other special offers. Pretty much everything in Power Diary is customisable!

If a client is funded by a third party, you can also set up multiple insurance providers, along with each of your provider codes, then enter the patient’s policy number, authorisation code and number of funded sessions so you don’t overshoot their total. This is an invaluable function for many practitioners. A clever accounting function is that if the insurer then pays multiple invoices in one bulk payment, you can easily see a menu of clients related to that invoice and mark the payment as received for all of them in one go.

Power Diary includes an online booking system as part of the weekly fee. You have complete control over who books, which appointments will be made available and even how far in advance you allow people to book, such as a minimum of one hour, two weeks or anytime. You can set whether people need to log in first, whether it’s available for new and current clients, which calendars to show, enable group and class bookings, and block any existing clients or ex-clients from the online booking system if necessary. If you want to verify the identity of new clients, you can do this via SMS or email, which is a nifty feature.  You can also set up notifications for SMS and email if you want to know when a client has contacted you about anything, which can be helpful if there’s a cancellation for your first appointment just before you leave home to start work!

When people book online, or face-to-face, you can customise their appointment reply depending on the type of appointment they make. This allows you to send them any necessary information, including your terms and conditions.

Power Diary also integrates with the Stripe credit card billing system with two-factor authentication so you can ask people to either pay the full cost of their appointment up-front or a deposit of your choice. With consent, you can also store people’s credit card information for auto-billing of future appointments. No more loss of income from first appointment DNAs, and you can be clear about your cancellation policy at the time of booking!

Invoicing and account management is another comprehensive feature in Power Diary, allowing you to complete a standard range of accounting functions, such as invoice individuals and third-party insurers, do bulk invoices, record payments and manage outstanding accounts. Again, all these features are customisable so you can create them to suit your needs.


Within each patient record, you can do all their admin work, as is standard across many practice management programmes. Where Power Diary stands out is you can upload any extra information, such as external reports, letters or your own annotated diagrams, without a low upload limit. You can drag and drop files to the notes location for ease of use. With the system’s integrated patient notes functions, again you can customise these or use the standard templates, with the option of saving and locking them to conform with best practice. Correspondence can be done from within the programme, which has a full formatting toolbar, then you can either print, save as a draft, save as sent, or post it into Word or a PDF file.

Treatment notes

The marketing, auditing and reports features will allow you to run and develop your Practice with ease. There are a range of reports and analytics that you can generate, including referral sources, number of clients seen in a particular time period, your monthly invoicing total, and your largest referrer. If you want to run a marketing campaign, there’s also the option to do this via email and SMS, so you can generate extra income and promote your services.

Security is gold standard in Power Diary. It offers full GDPR compliancy, enables you to record client consent on each client record, has auditable logging and tracking, and you can suspend and delete users instantly. It also has a fantastic feature where you can bulk-remove client records after the legal time period for retaining them has expired. Also, if a client is booking with you face-to-face, you can pop your appointment screen into private mode by pressing the ‘eye’ button on the appointment screen so no client names are visible. If you want to use an external reception service, such as a remote receptionist, you can set them up with their own username and password then restrict what information you want to allow them to access. This can stop unauthorised people accessing areas like patient notes or accounts. All your information is backed up and encrypted to extremely high security standards, for peace of mind.

Power Diary is a practice management programme that stands out particularly because of its subtle time-saving tweaks and features. These make it a joy to use because it streamlines tasks and saves unnecessary minutes fiddling with different menus or settings to complete a basic task. It is extremely intuitive to use and has a comprehensive range of features that cover pretty much everything you need. Once you start using it, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it!

If you need a practice management programme that will save you time and make you super-efficient at running your Practice, definitely try the free trial of Power Diary. It even comes with free data import from other systems and a one-year money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied at any point. Power Diary is a great customisable practice management programme that is top of its class.

Overall rating:  5/5
Ease of installation: N/A – hosted package
User-friendliness: 5/5
Help and support: 5/5
Value for money: 5/5

Free trial: 14 day free trial.

Cost: From £8 a week for one user. Additional fees apply for SMS messaging. No-risk one-year money-back guarantee. Free data import from other systems. Free set-up and training.

About the author 
Dr Joanne Weston is a Chartered Psychologist and Clinical Psychologist with consulting rooms in central Bristol. She offers evidence-based assessment and psychotherapy to adults who are seeking help for emotional difficulties.

Reviewed September 2019


Reviewed September 2019