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Rehab My Patient

Rehab My Patient is a subscription based online platform that allows you to build and store customised rehabilitation and exercise plans for your clients. Reviewed by Ian Reinge MCSP.      

Once you have joined (there is a free trial available) you have access to more than 2500 exercise images and HD videos, as well as 450 pre-prepared Musculoskeletal conditions, information sheets. 

The site is simple to navigate, and the product is very intuitive to use. A reviewer’s temporary log in was provided with which to access and test the product. However, when logging in a second time as a member of the public and requesting a free trail, it was pleasing to find that it was possible to carry out exactly the same tasks as either a reviewer or a paying subscriber. So the free trail is certainly a great way to try this product out before committing to any money.

It only took a few minutes to create an imaginary client and experiment with the information available. I built a rehab programme, which was able to be e-mailed, printed, or both.

Rehab My Patient has almost any image you could wish for and particularly impressive and useful is the ability to change between traditional line drawings or excellent photographic images. HD video’s of each exercise are also available and all of these features can be mixed together in the same programme. 

The videos are clear and concise and they are particularly helpful as they allow your client to observe the exact execution of an exercise, rather than trying to interpret a static image and written description, or remember what a therapist may have demonstrated. However, each exercise is also accompanied by a traditional written description that you are able to edit should you wish to do so.

The added ability to create and store your own sheets of exercises that you may commonly give out was a very welcome feature. The system stores the original document exactly as you created it but also allows you to change it so you could include or exclude certain exercises or advice on a client by client basis.

With over 2500 images, locating the desired images can be best performed through the live search. Search options are by exercise name, client condition / injury, or by area of the body, which is extremely comprehensive, however, the exercises are not always where you would expect them to be. For example, many core exercises are found under the heading of balance and postural exercises rather than under the muscle name e.g  “transverse abdominis”, or under the search term “core”.

In fairness it is important to highlight that this is not really a fault with the product design. More a reflection that different therapists will frequently use different names for the exactly same exercises, but also that a single exercise can often be applied across several different musculoskeletal conditions. As with anything, it just takes a little practice in order to find out the best way to search. With this in mind I found that having the option to create your own templates was very welcome. It would take a bit of time investment to initially set up these templates, but would save you considerable time and frustration in the long run.

With all the exercise, you have the ability to enter sets and repetitions of exercises, as well as customise the written description to one of your choice should you desire to do so.  The pre-prepared advice and information sheets are an extremely useful feature and can save you a lot of time and explanations. They are, however, relatively generic and as they are in PDF format there is no option to add to, or change the content as for the exercise descriptions.

The programmes you create and the client information you generate are stored online, so reassuringly the product is fully GDPR compliant, with transparent information and links to how this has been put into place and where the information is stored. A nice touch is that there are no compulsory information fields so it is possible to enter partial client information making this as anonymous as you wish.  

When I requested a free trial, the access was immediately available on application with no wait time, which was quite significant. As an experiment I requested a free trail of a rival product, which resulted in over a week’s wait for any trail information to be sent through. This product represents excellent value for money and the price point competes well with other products of this type.

Overall I would consider this is the best product of this type that I have used, which is possibly a reflection of its development for therapists by therapists. It would happily be my product of choice for this marketplace. It is comprehensive, straightforward and intuitive to use, packed with useful features and has almost every exercise imaginable, even if they can be a little difficult to find.


Value for money: 55

Ease of use: 4/5

Customer Support: 5/5

About the Author: 
Ian Reinge is a Chartered Physiotherapist, Sports and Exercise Scientist, Sports Therapist and Sports Masseur. He is the Lead Educator for Reinge Education; a CPD provider for both Therapists and Exercise professionals, merging Therapy with Sports Science to give a unique perspective on musculoskeletal issues.