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Salesforce Professional / Enterprise

Salesforce is the pioneer and market leader of the CRM software market. As such, its functionality is exceptional. Not surrpisingly, Salesforce makes it to the top of most CRM reviewers’ lists. With comprehensive contact management abilities, social media features, mobile access, and integration with Gmail and Google apps, it’s a top-quality package. 


Free trial: Yes (Access to cloud version)

Cost: (Professional Edition: £45 per user per month; Enterprise Edition: £85 per user per month. Annual billing required) 


The dashboard in Salesforce is extremely user-friendly, making creation of new contacts, looking up accounts, emailing and referencing extremely simple. A particularly nifty feature, which seems to be exclusive to Salesforce, is that the search option can be used to search within fields of data entries, in addition to the usual ability to search for help topics and tabs. For example, a user can just enter few digits of a client phone number and that entry will pop up. Various video tutorials and help resources provide additional support if you need help at any point.


Salesforce offers integration with a range of external applications, including every major email client, social media, and Microsoft office. The range of products linked to Salesforce are probably the biggest range any CRM solution can offer. There are also mobile solutions available for lighter versions.


Although Salesforce seems like the ideal CRM provider, the biggest barrier for therapists will probably be the price. On first glance, Salesforce has a ‘Contact Manager’ edition for just £3 a month for up to 5 users. There is also a ‘Group’ edition available for £17 a month. However, to have the features which make the package most appealing, you’ll probably need the ‘Enterprise’ edition, or at the very least, the ‘Professional’ edition, which increases the cost to around £45 to £85 a month. In addition, the more expensive options also offer better support packages. 


If you are a sole practitioner who is looking to rapidly expand their business, then it could be cost-effective to invest in Salesforce, but otherwise you could find the monthly fee is prohibitive. Salesforce is a comprehensive and user-friendly CRM package which will simplify your life and help you to take your business forwards, but only if the price is right for you.



Overall rating: 3.5/5

Ease of installation: 5/5 (cloud version)

User-friendliness: 4.5/5

Help and support: 3/5 (Online review claims)

Value for money: 2/5


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