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ShareFile is a piece of software that allows you to send files of any size securely. It’s Healthcare package supports HIPAA and HITECH compliance, so you can be sure that your data is sent securely. As a result, it seems pricey compared to other similar products - costs are about £80 a month for 5 employee accounts, unlimited storage and 24/7 customer support.

There are cheaper packages available from Sharefile for £13 a month, but they don’t come with Healthcare-specific compliance features. But on the plus side, ShareFile offers a free 30 day trial, with the option for a live demo if you need help understanding how it works.
You can sign up on the Sharefile website with your email address, company name, website URL, and phone number. 
When you first log into the portal, you will see a sleek, customisable dashboard. You can personalise your dashboard and decide what appears there. This could include recent files, shortcuts and tutorials. On the left hand side of the portal, there are tabs for Folders, Workflows, Inbox, People and Settings. These are all very straightforward to use.
ShareFile allows you to send encrypted emails from any web browser or from Microsoft Outlook using their Plugin. To decrypt these emails, recipients will need to create an account and log in.
Considering all of its features, it is clear that ShareFile is actually geared more towards sharing files between employees than between organisations and clients. This is because all recipients need to have signed up to the service themselves to view the encrypted documents. Even though ShareFile is a thorough and comprehensive piece of software for collaboration within teams, it might not be that useful if you wish to share information outside of your practice.