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Sophos Enduser Protection Suites

Sophos is a UK-based company. Its Enduser Protection Suites’ software enables you to encrypt emails and attachments as well as incorporating data loss prevention (DLP) and mobile protection for iPhone, iPad, Android platforms and more. It’s a very comprehensive suite and integrates seamlessly with email clients, plus it offers full disk and file encryption too. It works alongside your email programme and adds extra value by filtering emails, promising to detect 99% of spam and phishing emails.

Free trial: Yes

Cost: Awaiting customised quote

You can get started with a free trial version, which is easy to install and set up. The software is seamless and simple to use. The management console has what Sophos calls a ‘3-clicks-to-anywhere’ console, which means that anything you need to do should only be three clicks away from the main dashboard. You can also choose to automate tasks to save yourself administrative time. If you ever need help, Sophos provides 24/7/365 support.

Probably one of the only cons of the package is that single users have to use the whole Enduser Protection Suites’ package, which goes beyond just encrypting emails and includes other security elements, such as disk encryption. The suite is a powerful all-in-one solution, but as an independent therapist you might not need all of its features.

Overall, Sophos provides top quality security products that you can depend on to protect your data. In addition, Sophos makes it easy for people to receive emails as they go directly to recipients′ inboxes, hassle free. The multiple features of this package might go beyond your business needs but it will definitely ensure that you stay fully compliant with data protection laws.


Overall rating: 4/5

Ease of installation: 4/5 

User-friendliness: 3/5

Help and support: 5/5 

Value for money: Awaiting customised quote

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