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Soulhealer - first hand experience

Soul Healer provides an extremely helpful and friendly service, building websites for a range of therapists. Run by a UKCP registered psychotherapist, you can be confident that Soul Healer understands your business and will look after you every step of the way.Their service includes the creation of totally unique websites, secure and reliable hosting, purchase of a domain name of your choosing and ongoing support, tips and advice on a range of topics including editing and updating your new website, improving SEO and utilising social media. Their websites are created using WordPress, which is great for therapists as it is easy to update and add a range of features including videos, images and text.

Getting Started

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I was very impressed with Soul Healer’s website, which includes a range of useful information on WordPress, in addition to getting started using Twitter, and tips on improving a website’s SEO. Everything on the website is explained in user friendly terms, making the information easy to implement on your own website, for instance, creating mailing lists by allowing potential clients to sign up for updates, and a host of useful ways and services that allow you to create links to your website (which is great for SEO!). The inclusion of their portfolio allowed me to view their impressive variety of creations, all of which looked very individual and eye-catching. 

Getting in touch with Soul Healer is easy. They can either be contacted by phone or – ideal for busy therapists – by contact form. 

Once I was in contact with Soul Healer, I received a very friendly and professional email. My questions were all answered promptly and in detail and I was directed to helpful sections of the website, such as their collection of “how to” videos, which talk therapists through the process of making various changes to their website. I was also directed to the Order Form. This was an extremely well thought out and helpful feature, as it allowed me to outline what I wanted for my website at my own pace, and include links to other websites that I liked the look of. I was also able to specify a wide range of things I wanted to see, including the addition of a contact form and map.

 A link to a colour wheel allowed me to scroll through a wide range of colours until I was able to choose the ones I wanted. I appreciated this feature as it allowed me to be much more specific than simply stating “different shades of green”. Using the tool, I was able to specify exactly what colours and shades I wanted for the various parts of my website, by including the number references available. I felt that this gave me a greater level of input and control over the creation of my website, making me feel more involved, despite someone else making the site for me. 

Once completed, I submitted the form, and emailed Soul Healer the copy and images I wished to use for my site. 

The finished website

My new website was completed very promptly, and I received a link within three days of submitting the form. You can see the website here. I was very happy. The colour scheme was exactly what I had specified, and I felt that the overall layout was very clean and professional. Ian – the creator of the websites – was extremely helpful and offered useful advice including the value of adding a picture of myself and a blog. With this in mind, I requested the inclusion of a blog, which Ian did very quickly. 

There were many well considered features to my new website. The navigation bar along the top, in addition to the “Read More” box along the right hand side, made moving around the site very straightforward, which I felt would make it easier and quicker for potential clients to find the information they were looking for. As Ian had suggested, the inclusion and placement of the pictures I supplied softened the website and broke up the text, making it easier to read. I very much appreciated the way Ian had presented my text, breaking it up with various headers and font sizes, making it much easier to digest. 

Other features I liked very much included the placement of the contact information, which featured on each page. The social media icons on the site were position in such a way that they stood out without overshadowing the main text or making the pages looked cluttered.  I also liked that they had been created in the same colours as the main body of my website, meaning that everything looked very polished, professional and not overly complicated (which was exactly what I had in mind!).

Finally, I thought it was a nice touch that the mention of the British Association For Counselling and Psychotherapy on my “About Me” page had been linked to the BACP’s website, allowing potentially nervous or unsure clients to read up and gain additional information, which could help them to feel more comfortable and make contact with me. 

Editing the website

Although WordPress can be a little daunting at first, once you become used to navigating your way around it is very simple to use, making it ideal for therapists wishing to update their website. I was impressed with the level of service Ian provided, including links to the useful “How To” videos. When I asked him how I would go about making changes, he also said that if clients were unsure of how to edit their new site, he offers the service of producing a video of himself making the change for them, so they can do it themselves next time.  Overall, I felt that I was given all the tools I could need to edit and change my website. I also appreciated the fact that the service allowed me to add as many additional pages as I liked, which some other services limit.

Added features

In addition to the useful videos and advice via email, Soul Healer also offer Skype sessions, where Ian will talk clients through the process of building their own site. Other additional features available include online shops (which may be very useful for some types of therapists) and the insertion of PayPal forms for easier and more convenient payments. Soul Healer also offers ongoing support with SEO to help clients build their businesses, which, combined with the saved backups of the site (meaning that reinstatement should you ever be subject to hacking is much quicker and less stressful!) and the cost of hosting, makes £20 a month extremely good value for money. 


Overall, I was very impressed with Soul Healer, from the information on their website and their Order Form, through to the creation of my website and the advice and information I received afterwards. I felt the service provided brilliant value for money, and I appreciated that great efforts were made to ensure that I was completely happy with the finished product. The additional features available and ongoing support and advice in regards to SEO, creating links, social media and mailing lists all make for a very complete package, which I felt would most definitely benefit any therapist’s business. 


Creation of the website: £397

Monthly hosting and support cost: £20

Special offer

We′re delighted that Soul Healer has offered Private Practice Hub members £50 off the build cost. To read more, visit the Private Practice Hub page on the Soul Healer website.