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Symantec Encryption Desktop Corporate

Symantec Encryption Desktop Corporate (SEDC) is a bundled software package which offers Symantec Desktop Email Encryption, Symantec File Share Encryption and Symantec Drive Encryption. It will keep all your data extremely secure, not just your email. However, whilst Symantec’s software probably meets your basic requirements and more, it has its pros and cons.


Free trial: Yes 

Cost: £257.96 per year 


Firstly, Symantec’s email encryption is really user-friendly and is incorporated into your existing email client. In addition, it encrypts AIM instant messages. Symantec also offers secure file sharing which mean it locks down the entire contents of a laptop, desktop, external drive or USB flash drive, including boot sectors, system and swap files. For the recipient, receiving the encrypted email is the same as receiving a standard email, which makes it a simple user experience. 


The package allows transparent encrypted file sharing and allows you to create encrypted files and folders stored on file servers. All of these features are designed, in Symantec’s words, to ‘Minimize user disruption while improving stored data protection through rapid deployment and transparent operation.’ Most of these features are integrated seamlessly into existing email clients, and are easy to understand and use.


However, there are some compatibility issues as the software won’t run on Windows 8 unless you have the Pro or Enterprise version. It’s also incompatible with Gmail. There is no identity-based encryption, which might be important for users who would prefer to base user log-ins on identity rather than via registration on the portal. 


Overall, Symantec Encryption Desktop Corporate is excellent for email security and comes bundled with software for hard drive and file sharing protection. However, this package is probably far beyond the needs and price range of the average individual therapist unless you are very particular on security for not just your emails but also for hard drives and file sharing. 



Overall rating: 3.5/5

Ease of installation: 4/5 

User-friendliness: 3.5/5

Help and support: 3/5 

Value for money: 3/5


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