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TherapySites (TherapySites) is an American-based company offering professional websites for mental health practitioners. It’s a DIY website builder and bundles lots of features into its monthly fee, including hosting, SEO tools, SEO package, extensive inbound and outbound links to drive traffic to your site, an appointment request feature, an eNewsletter tool, Paypal and a basic online shop.  You can have up to 10 email addresses too, and your email forwarded to your current address if you wish.


You can get started by creating a basic website for free so you can see how it looks before committing to paying for it. TherapySites offers high quality custom website templates, which you can use as they are or change them as much as you need to, if you have the skills to do so.  The 24 templates are specifically tailored to the mental health practitioners so the images and layouts reflect the ethos of this field, offering themes such as inspiration, empowerment, strength and growth. There is no limit on the number of pages have on your website, which makes it good value.


TherapySites say that is really simple to edit your template using the Client Management Tools and if you can use Microsoft Word, then you’ll have no problems navigating your website template. This includes adding new pages, uploading images and customising your fonts and colours. You can add lots of nifty features to your website, including video and audio files and a Google map showing your office location. You can also add client forms, either by uploading your own or choosing from a range of downloadable templates provided by TherapySites. There’s the option to add Widgets, such as a Facebook button and a Contact Form.


However, it’s important to note that unlike some other DIY website builders where you lay out the page like a design package so what you see is what you publish, TherapySites works on coding. The code is pre-inserted for you and you just edit the main text, but it looks confusing to someone with no prior website design skills or programming knowledge. Until you switch to the website view, you don’t know what it will look like on screen. Also, if you want to insert any extra things, you might not have the skills to do this. It isn’t necessarily the most intuitive website builder, although would probably be fine if you wanted a simple site with fairly standardised text as you can just edit the already pre-inserted therapist-related text to personalise it to your own Practice.


When you’re setting up your site, you can choose the domain name you want or transfer one that you already own – TherapySites will give you some help with this if necessary, also ensuring that it is optimised for search engines . Renewing your domain name if free as long as you stay with TherapySites so there are no additional fees on top of the ongoing monthly cost.


You can use the Online Appointment Requests feature to make sure you respond quickly to client requests. This is a helpful tool, sending you automatic alerts when a client wants to book an appointment with you. TherapySites also offers integrated Manage Contacts Tools. What this means is that you can record your client contact information, any notes you need to keep about them and more. If you are worried about confidentiality then rest assured that the connection to your control panel is encrypted with HTTPS.


Included in the monthly fee is an excellent SEO package – TherapySites claim that they have the best online marketing strategies, enabling you to get good results in search engines. They will give you the best therapy-related keywords for your content, include essential title/meta tags  and will help you to choose an optimised domain name. You are able to create meta tags help to optimise your website too. Again, this is easy to do using TherapySites’ Meta Tag editor.


You don’t need to worry about your website getting coverage either as TherapySites will register your website with the major search engines, Yahoo and Google local listings and submit your website to more than 100 of the top online listings to optimise your inbound links (which should help to improve your rankings in search engines). TherapySites offers outbound links too by providing a directory of links for clients to access a range of resources for their particular difficulties, such as mental health, physical health and coaching websites. All of these strategies should help you to get good Google and Yahoo rankings. 


You can monitor how well your website is doing by looking at your website statistics. This will tell you the number of visitors to your site, which pages they view, which part of the world they have come from and more. TherapySites integrates with Google Analytics to help you to do this.


If you want to accept therapy payments via the website, TherapySites offers Credit card processing with PayPal. You can also set up a PayPal shopping cart if you have any products sell, such as relaxation CDs, and you can also link to Amazon’s affiliate program to earn commission from clients who purchase items via your site, such as self-help books.


Whilst there is no dedicated blog feature, TherapySites say you can create your own using a new page or link to the site from or TherapySites’ customer support can also embed the blog on a landing page for you if necessary.


TherapySites is recommended by organisations such as the American Psychological Society Practice Organisation and The American Counselling Organisation, and has close partnerships with magazines such as Psychology Today. It is specifically aimed at therapists working in mental health and is heavily American weighted. Whilst you get a lot of features for your money, it might be less useful for practitioners based in other parts of the world who will probably get no benefit from advertising links on American websites and directories. 


In addition, the website builder tools could be more difficult to use for people with no website design experience –  there are more intuitive DIY website builder tools offered by rival companies. The limited number of templates also means your site will be less unique and could look like a nearby competitor’s website. If you’re not sure, you can try TherapySites for free to mock up a basic website if you want to see how it could work for you and there’s also a 30 day money back guarantee. However, it will probably perform best for you if you’re a mental health practitioner with a Practice in America.


Cost: $59 per month (approximately £35 per month)

Trial offer: 30 day money back guarantee