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TM3 is a comprehensive practice management software programme that will make running your clinic super-simple. Aimed at a range of healthcare professionals, whether you’re an osteopath/musculoskeletal practitioner or a physiotherapist, and versatile enough to meet the needs of sole practitioners or multi-location clinics, TM3 does everything you’ll need, and more. It can even provide you with a 24/7 reception facility, access to the Pronto booking system, link you in with Healthcode billing and give you the options of accepting online bookings (additional fees apply). It also has a new, beautiful design.

Free trial: 45-minute free demonstration.

Cost: Paid-for packages range from £50 per month for single practitioners which include TM3 web version and online bookings. There is no upfront cost. All prices exclude VAT. Extra fees apply to add-ons such as Pronto, Healthcode billing and SMS messaging. Initially, there is a 12-month contract, then this becomes a one-month rolling contract.

First impressions of TM3 are that it is colourful, intuitive and user-friendly, just like its predecessor, TM2. It works on Apple and Windows-based operating systems and can be hosted from the cloud or your PC, or both! The advantage of the cloud-based version is that your data is constantly backed up and in a highly secure environment so you don’t have to worry about losing it if your PC dies. Also, you can access it from anywhere that has an internet connection, giving you the flexibility to work wherever you can get an internet connection. TM3 is also iPhone compatible.

On your first log-in, you are welcomed with tips and guidance about how to navigate the Home screen. When you sign up for TM3, you’ll be given a free designated ‘implementation buddy’ who can help you to set up your clinic and give you advice. However, you don’t necessarily need this as there are lots of great resources in the Knowledgebase section. This includes video clips of how to use various features in TM3, a community forum, online training and regular webinars, and a live chat function – all of which are included in the monthly fee.

TM3’s home page is uncluttered and user-friendly. A vertical toolbar on the left-hand side of the screen enables you to instantly click on the function you need, such as looking at your diary, finances, administration or reports. Boxes on the right-hand side of the screen summarise key data related to your appointment, finance and debt, although it is unclear if they really add much value to the home screen. The rest of the screen usefully lists all your forthcoming appointments. This is an interactive list so you can click on an appointment to view all the information related to that appointment and client.

You can create a new client either by clicking on an available appointment slot and choosing to "Create New Client" or via the Contacts tab. You can enter a wide range of information for each client in addition to their basic personal details, including their current clinical status, consent, enquiry source, occupation and all third party billing information. This is useful if you have a client who is funded by health insurance or another third party source. Recording the enquiry source is also a great way of monitoring where your referrals come from, and you can analyse this using the Reports feature in TM3 too.

Don’t forget to enable SMS messaging in the client record if you want to be able to send the client SMS reminders of their appointments. TM3 can even send automatic notifications to clients on a waiting list, so if someone else cancels then they can book the appointment slot. What a great way to maximise your income!

The client record is your hub for dealing with all your client administration. From this page, you can book an appointment, see account information, log payments, view treatment authorisations and review all your correspondence, such as letters and emails you’ve written to the client or a third party. You can also upload documents from external sources so you can keep all your client information in one place. This is very useful. You can also do administrative work using TM3’s inbuilt word processor. There is a wide range of templates provided, which are all customisable, or you can create your own.

Making an appointment from the Diary screen is child’s play. Just click on the slot you want and it’ll bring up a search box so you can type in your client’s name and then that takes you to the appointment booking where you can set the appointment charge and also book in recurring appointments if necessary. The search box also allows you to click on tabs to book events (e.g. holidays or meetings) or working hours too. One of the great things about the diary is that you can also use the handy Privacy button to blank out people’s names to keep it completely confidential if a client is peering at your screen.

TM3 says that you can potentially reduce DNA rates significantly by sending SMS appointment reminders (small fee applies) or email reminders. You can customise these for your clinic. If you need to move someone to a different appointment slot, you can just drag and drop it into the new slot – no effort!

After an appointment is completed, you can mark it as Complete (or DNA or Cancelled) then choose your billing options. For example, you can mark on-the-spot payments as paid in cash or cheque or you can choose to invoice later.

TM3’s clinical notes are highly versatile, offering features such as live image capture via a webcam or tablet camera and the ability to upload and annotate images and photos. You can also write freehand clinical notes for each consultation or select pre-configured templates to reduce your note-taking time. TM3’s range of standardised, and customisable, templates are extensive but it’s easy to tailor each one to your specific needs. All notes are also date and time-stamped for auditing and data protection purposes. They can also integrate with various exercise prescription software.

TM3 has an excellent financial module. The invoice wizard can be run at the end of each month to bill specific groups of clients (either those who pay monthly or ad hoc) or a group, such as an insurance company. Invoices can be printed or sent electronically. The finance module is superior to that found on many practice management software programmes as it automatically creates ledger codes so you can integrate your finances with accounting packages, allows split billing and excess payment management, and enables you to give client refunds and credit notes.

When you’ve been paid, you can mark how it was paid (e.g. cash, cheque, bank transfer, standing order and more). It is a straightforward process to invoice for and receive payments, as well as to search for clients, invoices and outstanding payments. A handy feature of TM3 is that you can also record your expenditure so all your accounting is done in one place.

For full practice management functionality, TM3’s Reports section allows you to run a range of reports on your clinic so you can keep on top of the running of your business. For example, you can generate financial reports, enquiry sources, a stock report (if you sell items as well as services), appointment analyses and more. This can help you to run your clinic more efficiently and inform your ongoing business plan.

TM3 is an advanced, high-end practice management software package. It offers more features compared to its predecessor, TM2, such as integrated live chat, an improved invoice wizard, new reports and reporting functionality and improved auditing for full clinical governance. One of TM3′s key features is its multi-device functionality, including Apple devices.

TM3 is easy to use, intuitive, colourful and user-friendly. It’s great that you can record so much information on the client records and the comprehensive built-in administrative features will save you a lot of time. Whilst this markets itself at clinics of all sizes, if you are a small-scale sole practitioner, you might find that TM3 is a bit too meaty for your basic needs and that the price is more than you need to pay to run your practice efficiently. However, the features it offers are good and it can easily be expanded to multi-locations or multi-practitioners if your practice grows.


Overall rating: 5/5

Ease of installation: N/A (this is a web-based package)

User-friendliness: 5/5

Help and support: 5/5

Value for money: 4/5

Reviewed: October 2016