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Vital Web Design

Vital Web Design’s target audience is holistic practitioners ( With over 20 years experience in this field, it offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee to its clients. Its founder, Marek Duchnowski, is a homeopath and also a website design and website marketing specialist, who has been extensively involved with building websites for NHS organisations. With this first-hand experience of both alternative therapies and website development, Vital Web Designs is a great platform for therapists who want the confidence that their needs are understood.


There are two ways to get started with Vital Web Design. Firstly you can take the standard route of choosing a website address, choosing your package and then choosing your design, sections and supplying your content and images. When you’ve done this, Vital Web Design will build your unique website, promote it and provide technical support. You can also choose a selection of add-ons, including e-commerce (sell products online), booking for events/workshops/seminars/appointments, enquiry forms, blogs, video integration, e-newsletters and full social media integration (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube). There’s the option of adding Google services, like maps, analytics and the calendar. 


The second approach to creating your website is unique to Vital Web Design, which works on the Divine Principle (more here). Whilst this might sound somewhat strange, it is basically about enabling you to create the business you want to have.  Their consultancy service helps you to develop your vision for your practice and aims to turn this into results. A specialist works with you to carry out a full analysis of your practice, where you want to go and your goal. These results feed into both your daily practice and your website design, as you decide what your unique selling point is, whether you want to reach certain sales targets, attract a certain number of clients via your website or develop your practice in other ways. With this vision, belief, intent and focus, Vital Web Design says that their practitioners can achieve much more and get a website that really works for them.


Ensuring that your website has a priority on the web is crucial to therapists and there are no problems in this area – Vital Web Design takes care of all your SEO needs. Its KeyWORD finder service gives you ideas of the most effective keywords for your website, suggests how you can strategically integrate those keywords into the content and then tries to ensure that you get the best Google listing and ranking for your site. You can also opt for the Pay Per Click service and take advantage of the email marketing add-on.


Managing your website is easy too. You can either leave it to the experts or, if you want to be able to update your website yourself, Vital Web Design provides tools which you can use to edit your content.


Vital Web Design is a company with an original selling point. Its strength is that it really understands the needs of therapists and will work closely with you to make sure that your website meets all your requirements. Its approach will inspire you and make you passionate about your practice. This UK-based company specialises completely in holistic practitioners, giving you a highly personalised and dedicated service.


Cost: Vital Web Design charges a design fee and monthly fees for hosting and support. Each is costed according to need.

Trial offer: None