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WebCreationUK ( is a major web design company that produces custom-built websites for small, medium and large companies. They provide a number of services from website design and SEO to online shops, web hosting and more. 


Prices for a website designed by WebCreationUK start from £395. The lowest price is for a 1 page brochure-style website which you can edit yourself using their Content Management System and includes one year’s free hosting and email addresses.  Prices for bigger websites vary depending on the number of pages you need and any other requirements. WebCreationUK quote £495 plus VAT for a 2-4 page website, which is probably an adequate size for the average therapist. One of the unique things about the service is that if you ever decide to leave, you can take your site code and graphics with you so don’t need to pay out for another total redesign. Not many companies offer this.


You get a lot of things for your money with WebCreationUK. Firstly you will have your own web designer who will liaise with you closely to produce a website which looks and performs how you want it to. They will also do unlimited revisions as part of the price until the site goes live, which is a perk not offered by every web design service. During the design stage, your designer will create a logo for you (if you need one), ensure your site is search engine optimised and will integrate it with social media, such as Facebook and Twitter. 


WebCreationUK designers have access to a vast library of photographic images to use on your site therefore saving you money sourcing your own copyright-free designs. In addition, they will embed video and audio player support into your website and add an enquiry form so people can contact you directly through your site. You even get a free non-geographic phone number.


WebCreationUK will sort out a domain name of your choice and multiple email accounts for you, as well as hosting your site. Once you’re up and running, there is free lifetime technical support by phone and email so the follow-up service is great. You can regularly monitor how well your site is performing by checking out your visitor statistics. However, if you want advanced SEO features and analysis, this will cost you £129 plus VAT per calendar month. 


If you need an online shop, this comes at an additional price of £1395. However, the average therapist probably won’t need this function and even if you do, the sheer capabilities of the shop are likely to be on a much larger scale than necessary. For example, it offers unlimited products and categories, a product search facility, stock management, bestseller categories, customer account histories and an e-newsletter facility.


The process of designing your website from start to finish can take three to five weeks – there are no shortcuts to producing a really high quality site and you could have it for life! You will have the opportunity to have plenty of input into the process and can ask for as many tweaks as you want in the design period.


WebCreationsUK is a website design company which offers you quality and quantity for your money, something that many companies can’t boast. Whilst the upfront cost of having a website built is a substantial outlay, you could have your website forever if your business is successful and you can upgrade your site at any point, making it versatile and flexible. Ongoing hosting costs after the first year are fairly low and the lifetime free technical support makes it even better value-for-money. It’s also great that you can update the content of the site yourself to keep it fresh and current, which saves you paying out designer fees every time something changes. If you want a unique, slick and professional website which has been custom-built to your exact requirements then definitely consider WebCreationsUK. 


Price: As of February 2015: From £395 plus VAT for a simple one-page website. Ring with your exact requirements for a personalised quote so you only pay for what you want. The hosting cost is free for the first year then £150 plus VAT per year.


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