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WebHealer ( is a design specialist in therapy websites, whether you’re a counsellor, complementary therapist or osteopath. It says that its uniqueness as a company lies in marketing your website and therefore helping you to attract more customers. They claim that your website will be listed on a number of important directories, such as Google and usually comes up on the first page of listings. WebHealer says it achieves this using its searchMAX facility, which it has been building for over seven years. This aspect of their service is crucial to your business success, aiming to drive more potential clients to your website and make the monthly WebHealer fee pay for itself many times over.


Although you could choose to have a custom-built website, WebHealer offers value for money by offering standard designs at professional quality. You get a template for your website and then all you have to do is add your content, including photographs, web links and any new pages you need. You can also customise it a little to make it unique to you by changing the overall style and design. It sounds easy enough to add content and update it, so you don’t need any particular technological knowledge. This semi DIY-approach enables you to save unnecessary money by asking web designers to do a job that is simple enough to complete yourself. The site is optimised for mobile devices too so your visitors can access it on computers, tablets and smartphones with no loss of usability.


Setting up your website is painless. You have an initial telephone conversation to discuss your needs and ask questions then the WebHealer designers create a basic website with an initial design within 24 hours. There’s no content at this stage and although your website is live, it will use a temporary website address. For two weeks, you can personalise it and practice using it before deciding if you want to continue. 


Included in the monthly fee are visitor analysis reports. These can help you to track the success of your website – monitoring how many daily page views you’ve had, which pages those are and their popularity, and which pages aren’t working so well. This is crucial to ensure your website SEO is working for you.


The basic package offers up to 5 pages or you can upgrade to packages of 8 or 20 pages. If you pay by direct debit you get a bonus page. The monthly fee includes email support, reporting and statistics, marketing advice and ongoing search engine promotion. There is also now an option to send out email newsletters, which is an easy-to-use feature. WebHealer offers full social media integration, including a live Twitter feed, making your website look more modern and interactive. You can also add a contact form so people can contact you directly from your website.


If you want a low-cost but professional website then WebHealer could be the solution for you. Its strength seems to particularly lie in how it promotes your website to give you the optimal chance of being seen in the top search results. If you’re looking for more features for your website, then unfortunately WebHealer doesn’t offer add-ons like an online shop or online booking. It does however have a guide on adding PayPal so that you can sell products if you wish. 


WebHealer is a straightforward service at straightforward prices. The free trial means you’ve got nothing to lose by getting your hands on it to see if it meets your needs.  


Cost: As of February 2015, £50 one-off fee for basic website set-up then £10 per month for basic website hosting plus £2.50 per month for domain name registration and hosting. All prices exclude VAT. 


Trial offer: 2 week free trial available.