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WebHealer - first hand experience

WebHealer ( specialises in helping to create websites for a wide range of therapists. Whether you’re looking to create your first website or wanting to rework your existing one to attract more business, WebHealer’s years of experience in marketing to potential patients is a great asset. The general packages involve a certain amount of standardisation and elements of DIY in terms of content. They are also able to create custom websites, with pricing on request. 

If you are interested in trying WebHealer’s services, they offer a 2 week free trial, with no obligation to continue at the end if you are not completely satisfied.

Signing Up

I had a few questions regarding the free trial, so I emailed WebHealer. They responded very quickly with lots of helpful information. Everything was explained in user-friendly terms and they were happy to answer my questions, and said that to set up my free trial all they needed from me was a quick, five minute phone call. 

I called the number on the website (or you can click on the link provided and they will call you). I then had a brief phone conversation with a friendly member of staff, who was able to answer all of my questions and advise me on suitable domain names for my site (which was provisional at this stage. All websites are under a temporary address until the end of the free trial). All they needed to know was my name, line of work, the contact number and email address I would like listed on the site, and my address. They also asked me to select a password. Once this step is complete, I was told that my free trial would be set up within the next hour, and I would be sent an email with a link to my new website once it was up and running. 

The email arrived promptly as promised. Once I had clicked the link to my new website, I was able to see how it would appear to potential clients. Apart from missing the main body of text, everything was done for me. I was impressed by WebHealer’s design, which was clean, simple and professional, and came complete with pages, headers, my contact details and the Facebook and Twitter icons, ready for me to link to my business’ accounts. 

Editing My Website

Making changes to my site is incredibly easy.  Clicking on “Administration” brought me to a login screen where I entered my chosen password. I was then brought to the welcome screen, with simple instructions to make my first change. Following these steps allowed me to edit the body of text on the home page, before bringing me back to the administration area. All very quick, easy and simply demonstrated! There was also a big “Help” button at the top of the screen, which took me to the site’s help page. I was impressed by how much effort WebHealer have gone to in order to make hints as accessible as possible, including helpful links at the bottom of the page. WebHealer also link you to their comprehensive “Help Guide” which is available as a printable version in case you would like something to refer to as you work on editing your site. 

The administration area’s tool bar was very simple and easy to use. As the majority of the work had been done for me in terms of layout and the construction of the site, I felt that WebHealer would be perfect for those who want a reasonably priced website, but are not confident enough to create their own from scratch. 

“Update your pages” allowed me to edit the content of each page. I was taken to a page with a simple form, with a different box for each section. Each box was accompanied by a help button, explaining in user-friendly terms the purpose of each section of text on the page. WebHealer had already inserted a few key sentences for me to complete to get me started (great if you’re not sure where to begin), or, if you choose, you can delete everything and start from scratch. They had also provided handy hints in brackets, such as listing specific places near to my practice (making me more likely to pop up in Google searches). The only real downside to the pages updater is that you can only view your text as it will appear to potential clients by saving your changes and exiting the administration area to the website. This is also true when adding pictures to your site, which I found a little frustrating at times when I wanted to be sure that the bottom of my text aligned with the bottom of my uploaded image. 

One other thing I found slightly frustrating about the page editor was the inability to upload an image straight from my files on to a page. Instead, I had to first save it to my image library by selecting “Photos and Images” under the “Site Management” bar. Once uploaded and saved, I was then able to go back to the administration area, select the page I wished to add the image to, and then add the image. This was not massively time consuming, but it is not as quick and simple as some other website builder sites. 

“Style and Design” allowed me to make changes to the title of each page and remove or add pages (depending on your package, you may have between 5 and 15 pages). I could also preview WebHealer’s other colourMax designs, which you can select if you are not completely happy with your current one. The preview opened in a new screen, which I thought was a good idea as it made comparison easy. Two of the available designs are optimized for mobile phones, which is good to bear in mind as so many people use their phones to go online.

Overall, I really liked the “Style and Design” page, which was full of useful hints and links about making changes to the overall appearance of the website. They also provided a handy link to the “Colour Scheme Editor” page (which can also be found under the tool bar in the administration area). This allowed me to make changes to my colour scheme, making it more unique to me. I was given the option to assign new colours to my website’s clickable links, subheadings, background, menu items text and buttons. These changes could be previewed to the right of the screen. I liked this feature, as it made it easy to play with colour combinations until I found one I was happy with. If you decide you prefer WebHealer’s original design, simply click “Back to Menu” and the changes will not be saved.

I was a little undecided about the editing options on the site. While a certain amount of customisation is available, WebHealer does not give you as much creative freedom as some of the more do-it-yourself websites. However, their designs are professional, clear and well thought out to enable you to provide patients with all the information they made need. 

Useful Additions

WebHealer makes adding social media links incredibly easy, and also provides the option to activate an email contact form, making it possible for clients to contact you through your website rather than having to copy and paste your address into an email (which I thought was a valuable feature). However, they do not offer the option of adding a shop or blog to your website (if those are features you need for your business). 

This said, despite the limitations, a huge benefit to choosing WebHealer is that they make great efforts to ensure that your site is listed on the likes of Google, using their searchMAX process for advanced search engine promotion. Their experience with working with therapists also means that they are great at helping to promote therapy businesses and can give you marketing advice specific to your profession  (where more broad spec website builder sites would not).  Their packages also include the benefit of visitor reports, allowing you to see how many visitors your website is receiving, which pages gain the most views, which pages maybe aren’t working as well as you would like etc. All useful tools to help build your practice.

A few days into my free trial, I received an email from someone at WebHealer saying they had taken a quick look at my website. They offered some useful hints about how to improve on what I had already done, and ways in which to make my website more appealing to potential clients. I thought this attention to detail and customer service was very well thought out, and would definitely benefit someone new to web design.  



Overall, I feel that WebHealer is an extremely useful website for therapists looking to promote their business. They are reasonably well priced compared to other website builder sites, and it is important to remember that you are getting access to a lot of additional support and advice, specific to your profession. WebHealer will organise the hosting of your website and the ownership of your domain name for you, taking the stress out of the process. The website they create for you, though not hugely customizable, is very professional and designed to meet the needs of therapists. Their page editor is very user friendly and easy to navigate, making it perfect for people who aren’t confident when it comes to technical ability. The 2 week free trial means that you have nothing to lose by contacting them, and their friendly staff are extremely helpful about getting you started. Overall, I was happy with my experience with WebHealer. 


WebHealer offer 3 hosting packages as of February 2015:

Basic - £10/month – includes 5 pages and visitor reports.

Basic Plus - £13/month – includes 8 pages and visitor reports.

Premium – £20/month – includes 20 pages and enhanced visitor analysis. 

In addition, there is a one-off basic set up charge of £50, and £2.50/month for the domain name and registration. If you pay by direct debit you are given one additional page free of charge.