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Terms and conditions: an overview

This section of the Private Practice Hub helps you with the nuts and bolts of your private practice: your terms and conditions, therapy contract, fees, and appointment arrangements.

Terms and conditions

This article outlines the key elements you should cover in your terms and conditions. They will include the cost and duration of an appointment, your cancellation policy, and how you expect to be paid.

Therapy contract

Your therapy contract can include your terms and conditions, but will also cover wider issues, such as your responsibilities, as well as those of your clients. A therapy contract should help to create a good working relationship between you and your client.


This article helps you to answer key questions such as how to create a pricing structure, whether you should do pro-bono work, and what to do if your client cancels or doesn’t turn up for an appointment.

Appointment arrangements

A system for arranging appointments will save you time and help your private practice run smoothly. In this article we give you some tips and show you where you can find some useful letter templates.

Managing the ‘nuts and bolts’

The administrative tasks involved in running your private practice can take up a lot of time. Good practice management software can be invaluable. It will automate many tasks and increase your efficiency. For example, letters to clients can easily be personalised and scheduled. An example of practice management software is TM2 Click.