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Therapy Apps

Nowadays, there are apps for everything. Including the therapy industry. Some free, some chargeable.

While most apps are targeted at individuals (helping people to lose weight, for example) others are suitable for therapists to give to their clients as part of the treatment itself.

Indeed, some apps are now designed specifically to be used as part of a treatment plan, and are targeted at therapists accordingly.

Mood-monitoring apps for counsellors and psychotherapists

There are several apps available that can track people’s moods from day to day. Some are more comprehensive than others, but in general, they aim to help people identify their emotional triggers (positive or negative), and to develop good habits and coping strategies. 

Mood-monitoring apps can certainly be used as part of a treatment plan - similar to ’homework’ for your client. However, you will need to be confident that the app is fit for purpose, easy to use, and effective. 

Free apps tend to be quite simple, but can still be very useful indeed and are worth investigating. Alternatively, you may find it helpful to invest in a paid-for app that offers more features.

Read our reviews

In our reviews section, you’ll find details of several free and chargeable mood-monitoring apps. Each app has been reviewed either by Joanne, our independent therapist (below left) or Emma, in the role of a client (below right).

Read the reviews here.



Which other apps would you like us to review?


Our reviews currently cover mood-monitoring apps. However, if you would like us to look into different types of therapy apps, do get in touch.