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General Videos


  • Welcome to the Private Practice Hub

    Meet our founder Geoff Simons and find out what inspired him to build the ultimate online resource for UK therapists in private practice.

  • Private Practice Hub in a nutshell!

    What does the Private Practice Hub offer you? Katrina Hinkley, a psychotherapist, describes it in her own words.

  • Why are the Hub′s resources free?

    In this snapshot from the COPA Show 2014, Geoff explains exactly why (and how) the Hub is a totally free resource.

  • Just starting out? Some tips

     In our second COPA Show snapshot, Katrina Hinkley explains how she got started.

  • Working from home?

    Katrina Hinkley shares her experience of working from home. 

  • Setting up a therapy private practice

    Planning to set up a private practice? Want to know what you need to think about? Here are some tips. 

  • Employing someone at your therapy business

    Thinking of taking on an employee? What do you need to think about? Here′s how Connect PP got started.